Vintage bakelite handkerchief holder, butterscotch bakelite centerpiece. Signed. Almost 5" in length.
Price $14.99
Vintage bakelite handkerchief holder, dark green bakelite centerpiece. Signed. Almost 5" in.
Price $14.99
Cuff links - Antique Automatic Stud cufflinks. High dome filled with pronged set crystal rhinestones. 3/4" from the stud to
the top of the rhinestones and 7/8" wide. Has an automatic shaft, and the sticks measure 1". Circa 1914.
Price $19.99
Deco pyramid dress clip filled with crystal rhinestones and crystal baguettes. Measures just over 1" x 3/4".
Price $24.99
10K Gold Mercy pin bright and shinning. The three jewels are open on the backside. Signed CTO, 10K. Measures a little
over 1/2" tall. CTO trademark, which is owned by O. C. TANNER JEWELRY CO., for fraternal jewelry around 1927.
Price $99.99
A fabulous antique victorian retractable ladies watch - eyeglasses - fob pin chain. It has a
very pretty face with stripped pattern. Gold content has not been tested so not certain what
the metal is, most likely gold wash. Pin on the backside of the spring action casing, and
thumbless spring ring/sports ring at the end of the chain. The chain will pull out 11 1/4"
and retracts softly. The size is 1" in diameter. Circa 1900 - 1920's.
Price $59.99
Beautiful butterfly wing sweater guard clips with faux pearl chain. Measures 5 inches.
Price $24.99
Vintage Handkerchief Holder Dark Green Bakelite
Collectible and rare bakelite jewelry, bakelite handkerchief holders, butterfly wing
sweater guard clips, 10 K gold jewelry pin, vintage women's jewelry.
Victorian Retractable Watch Fob Pin Chain
Pin on the backside of the spring action casing, and thumbless spring ring
Christian Gold Mercy Pin Signed O. C. TANNER JEWELRY CO
Butterfly Wing Sweater Guard Clips
Antique Automatic Stud Cufflinks
Vintage Bakelite Handkerchief Holder Butterscotch
Vintage Bakelite Accessories | Vintage Bakelite Jewelry
Deco Pyramid Dress Clip Features Crystal RS And Baguettes
Gold Filigree Sphere Antique Hat Pin
This antique Hat Pin is shaped like a 'Sphere' filigree finial. For size, this 'sphere' jewelry is almost 3/4" in diameter. The
sphere is off-set somewhat to allow it to lay better against a hat. The total length is almost 4 1/8". Unsigned, probably
Mid-Century or before.
Price $34.99
A superb vintage pin brooch
A superb vintage pin brooch. This fine brooch is 3 3/4" x 3/4" (including its detailed top). The top is 1/2" x 3/8" faceted
Amethyst Glass Stone. I nearly didn't offer this because it had darkened so, and I couldn't get photos. I rubbed it down
and you can see it's shinning again. The brooch sparkles in the light and would make a real statement on any jacket!
Item#WAcc 3-634
Price $49.99
Late Edwardian era Bezel-set with a deep royal blue stone
Lovely women's essentials from days gone by
Stick pin with blue stone gold pin
Natural irregular shape and nested atop a gold pin
Late Edwardian pearl stick pin
Late Edwardian era, circa 1910. Crafted
in Bezel-set with a deep royal blue
stone, which has a geometric golden
surround. This has a gold wash which
helps the stone shine brilliantly. The pin
stem doesn't appear to have a gold
wash. The stickpin measures 3" from
end to end, with a top portion that
measures 3/8" wide.
Item#WAcc 3-975
Price $89.99
Late Edwardian very lovely and enchanting pearl stick
pin. The pearl has natural occurring baroque pearl,
brilliant colors and “oil-slick” luster. Natural irregular
shape and nested atop a gold pin. The top measures
1/2" long, the pin extends nearly 2 1/2" beyond the
bottom of the pearl. The pin has a slight bow. This
was purchased this in a group of victorian jewelry
years ago and now being brought to you. It is an
exceptional gold pin. Unsigned.
Item#WAcc 3-974
Price $189.99
Original Klutch-ett Set, a set of cuff links and scatter pins
Cuff links and scatter pins
Original Klutch-ett Set. The card it filled with two sets, a set of cuff links and scatter pins.
The cuff links are a light lavender with three florets each, centered with a chaton, 1" x 1".
The matching scatter pins measure a little over 1/2".  
Item#WAcc 3-490
Price $59.99
    Bakelite Glove/Hanky Holders
  • Lay the handkerchiefs and gloves across the mesh loop. The clip of the holder goes on your sleeve cuff button
    hold, and clips to the o-ring. Either dangle the glove or tuck it into your sleeve.
  • Each piece is signed Marquardt. THESE ARE REALLY PRETTY!!
  • Paper tags are no longer present (lost) but I do have one pictured. Sold without tags.
The modern world glorifies the woman with that perfect gracefulness along with that glow on her
face and that smile that could make you melt. Many jewelry pieces brings this out in a person.
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