Celluloid Collar Buttons Long Celluloid Sticks With Pearls At Each End
Fur Clip Glue Green Sets, Signed Made In USA
Vintage Hat with hat Pin. Beige vintage Wilshire hat is signed GENUINE VELOUR plus includes Wilshire label. The hat
pin measures 3 ½" in length. Includes a plastic and glass decoration on the side. A little dust from storage, may need
brushed. 1940-1950s.
Price $19.99
GENUINE VELOUR Wilshire Hat With White Hat Pin
It doesn't get much hotter than this when it comes to everyday drama.
1951 Revlon Futurama lipstick case, the case was designed exclusively
for Revlon by Van Cleef & Arpels, world-renowned creators of precious
jewelry. "This case is doubly protected by our exclusive lacquer process to
help prevent tarnishing. Only the Revlon Futurama fits this case". The
case comes with the box and reads "Silver plated brushed engraving
Jeweler's Bronze. Finally, a lipstick case to die for. Exquisite, well made,
and beautiful wrapped up into one. It comes with it's original box. The box
does show vintage age, given it's age of over 60 years. US PAT NOS
inside the case, 2565346
Price $79.99
Fur clip has a carnival color to the top and blue green glass rhinestones. Signed Made In U.S.A. This has a star with the
letter S in its center. Fred Gray Corp. was one of the few companies to use this mark as far back as the early twenties.
The clip measures 2" long x 1 1/2" across.
Price $14.99
Need a single button? Dome shape, 1960s vintage crystal ab rs. Shines with opal opalescent colors. The button is
covered with ab stones. 3/4" across.
Price $1.99
Women's celluloid collar buttons. Saw toothed set
pearl buttons are heat set into the celluloid, this
helps date the pieces.
Price $24.99
Celluloid was
introduced in 1863.
Celluloid's real
breakthrough products
were waterproof
shirt collars, cuffs,
and the false shirt
fronts known as
Fur / sweater clip. Nice golden color with a faux diamond center. This can be worn two ways. This has a fur clip and a pin,
so it can be worn as a pin/brooch. 1 1/2" in height and 1 1/4" in width.
Price $3.99
Large carved bakelite button. The button is a butterscotch and dark brown. 2" in length and almost 1" across. Shanks are deep heat set. This is a beautiful color and would
be great on your favorite sweater or blouse, and ready to stitch on.
Price $59.99
Saw toothed set pearl buttons are heat set
Large Carved Bakelite Button
Long Bakelite Button Butterscotch And Dark Brown
Antique Bakelite Long Button Heat Set Shanks
Hallmarked KA Hand Cut Metal Victorian Tigers Eye Hat Pin
est. circ 1800's Hallmarked KA Victorian Tigers Eye Hat Pin
Hallmarked KA victorian tigers
eye hat pin. A large tigers eye
clutches the curved hand made
metal, the pin twisting then
straight. The tigers eye is apx.
3/4" x 1" x 1/2", the pin including
the tigers eye is just over 4".
Beautifully crafted,  this Victorian
jewel dates est. circa early
1800s. Makers mark KA.
Price $299.99
Ladies antique and vintage accessories. Buy a large bakelite button, signed hallmarked KA tigers eye hat pin,
Antique Cut Steel Belt Buckles,
Revlon Futurama by Revlon by Van Cleff & Arpels.
1951 Revlon Futurama Lipstick Case
Designed Exclusively For  Revlon By Van Cleef & Arpels
Adorable Green Eyed Cat Stick Pin
Cat stick pin. Golden stick pin is 2 1/2" long and 1/2" wide. The actual cat is just under 1" tall and 1/2" wide. Cat has great
dimensional detail and green RS eyes. His tail wraps around and snugs his shiny semi opaque moonstone belly.
Price $9.99
High Set Dome AB Button
Owl Sweater Fir Clip
Georgian Antique Cut Steel Buckles
Steel Cut Belt Buckle, Georgian steel cut belt buckle
Antique Cut Two Row Faceted Stud Steel Belt Buckle
Antique Cut Steel Belt Buckle. Later half of 1800s. Cut Steel stamped belt buckle. Two rows of faceted
studs. Measures 1 1/4" x 1".
Price $24.99
Steel Cut Belt Buckle, Georgian steel cut belt buckle. Each steel faceted stud is hand set riveted to the
backing. Has 53 polished steel faceted studs. Georgian Victorian era. 1 1/4" x 3/4".
Price $29.99
Steel Cut Round Belt Buckle Georgian steel cut belt buckle. Each stud is hand cut of various sizes, faceted and
hand set riveted onto the brassy color backing. Has 56 polished steel facet studs. Georgian Victorian era. 7/8" x
Price $29.99
    Victorian and Antique Cut Steel Buckles:
  • Cut steel was very expensive in the Victorian Era, and was produced to mimic the shine of diamonds. Each stud, or they were called little gems, was cut by hand, then
    riveted to the backing. Cheaper than diamonds, but a time consuming and expensive process. This process was used in making the first two buckles.
  • In the later half of the 1800, Victorians found a stamping process of making pieces. By stamping a pattern on plates of steel, they could save on intensive labor and
    processing time, but still have the same brilliant diamond like look. This would look of cut steel.
Hallmarked KA victorian pin, large oblong carved orange and brown bakelite button, celluloid collar buttons, victorian
cut steel buckles
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