Light blue Tourmaline in golden filigree, open on the backside.
Hallmark is illegible. Appears to be a hallmark and size 8. Size

(Item#RING 806, Light blue golden band. Price $29.99)
Golden costume jewelry ring. 6.5. Signed C
Vintage Costume Jewelry Ring,  light blue Tourmaline in golden filigree
Brazilian amethyst sterling silver, Size 6.5
Brazilian amethyst sterling silver ring, two stone atop. Amethyst 10 x 14mm Ovate cab, 6mm round cab, 11 cts. Size
6.5. Unsigned 925.

(Item#RING 808, Amethyst sterling silver ring, two stone atop. Price $39.99)
Blue sapphire ring, size 6.5 - 7
Reddish onyx or carnelian high cut Ovate cab stone. Appx. 18 cts. Simple wide band. Signed 925 silver. Ring sz. 7.

(Item#RING 8-137, Reddish onyx or carnelian ring. Price $44.99)
Blue sapphire ring. 20 cts, stone has natural veining. High set ornate design. 9. gm silver ring, signed 925. Size 6.5 - 7.

(Item#RING 8-142, Blue sapphire stone, elaborate band. Price $49.99)
Onyx high cut oval stone ring, Size 7
Large Citrin Silver Ring Signed 925, Size 7.25
Large Citrin Silver Ring Signed 925. You will love this. Heavily made filigree silver band, signed 925. Set with a thick
large facet cut tear drop citrin gemstone. Size 7.25. Bottom is detailed. Appx. 20 CT, set in 26 gm.

(Item#RING8-482, Large Citrin 925. Price $49.99)
Clear smoky topaz signed 925, Size 8.5
Clear smoky topaz, certain lights it look like chocolate or translucent plum. Unique. Signed 925. Facet cut on
reverse side, smooth on top. Size 8.5.

(Item#RING 8-207, Smoky topaz reverse facet cut. Price $39.99)
A beautiful golden ring the top is adorned with four rows of chatons
ruby red chatons
 ruby red chatons, the last row has eight crystal clear
The top is adorned with four rows of chatons. Rows of chatons, the top is a single ruby, next is crystals, then ruby red chatons, the last is crystal clear chatons. Golden
costume. Size 10. Unsigned.

(Item#RING 8-977, Red and clear stones, golden band. Vintage. Price $19.99)
Bright silvertone with blue stone Size 10
Silvertone with a blue stone and clear chatons. The stone decoration at top measures appx 1/2" x 3/8". Size 10.

(Item#RING 8-976, Silvertone band blue and clear stones. Price $10.99)
Petite GUILLOCHE ENAMEL set with a dainty hand painted floral rose. Unsigned.

(Item#RING 8-498, Petite Guilloche Enamel Rose. Price $14.99)
ESPO for the designer Esposito Oval GUILLOCHE ENAMEL
Oval GUILLOCHE ENAMEL ring. Set with an elongated cats eye shape hand
painted floral rose design. Marked on the inside of the band. “18KT H.G.E” and
“ESPO” for the designer Esposito. Top - 3/8" x 1/2". Size 8.

(Item#RING 8-496, Rectangular Guilloche Enamel Rose. Price $19.99)

Shimmering and Glam Contemporary and Vintage Costume Rings
in a wide colorful range.

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(I was lucky to acquire 3 Guilloche's. The owner thought they came
from a Kresge's or Woolworth store years back. Unworn.)