I'm delighted to offer eight rings:
1960's Vintage rings. One size fits all, just snip the back
and this ring fits any size. The blue ring has been
snipped to show how to adjust. All other rings are intact.
Signed Signed Hong Kong.
Item# RING401
Price $10.99
Blue Vintage Plastic Rings
Red Vintage Rings
Vintage Plastic Rings, one size fits all
Vintage Rings, Vintage Plastic Jewelry
Reddish Vintage Plastic Rings
Onion Vintage Rings
Raddish Vintage Plastic Rings
One size fits all - Vintage Plastic Rings
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8 - Vintage Plastic Rings
Blue - 1, Red - 3, Yellow - 3,
Pink - 1

Vintage Plastic Rings. Vintage Plastic RINGS. Vintage Ring Lot!.

1960's Vintage plastic rings. This listing is for a set of eight vintage plastic rings. Each ring has
has a vegetable with face and eyes.
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