Vintage signed SWANK bar tie clasp. Golden, simple, and elegant for that man on the go whether it worn for lunch
meetings or major conferences.
Item#MEN 203
Price $12.99
Antique Cufflinks Bakelite Centers
Antique Cufflinks with a silvertone edging
Antique Cufflinks Smokey Paste Stone
Silvertone Vintage Cufflinks Toggle Back
Silvertone Vintage Cufflinks
Pair of elegant antique art nouveau cuff links. You can't go wrong buying this as a gift.
(Don't forget the Holiday's!) cuff links are gold filled, unsigned, with bezel set Lucite lilac
round cabs. The bottoms toggle back and forth to make it easy to slip into the cuff link hole.
Item#MEN 205
Price $39.99
Antique cuff links. Silvertone metal with black Bakelite or celluloid
center, centered with a smoky paste rs. The silvertone edging
has a hammered effect. The bottoms toggle back and forth to
make it easy to slip into the cuff link hole.
Item#MEN 206
Price $49.99
Silvertone cuff links, art deco look.
Rectangular glass stone. Toggle
back. Unsigned.
Item#MEN 207
Price $16.99
Men's Jewelry Art Nouveau Cufflink
Antique Art Nouveau Cufflinks Men's Jewelry
Vintage tie bar clip clasp with charm pendant. Pendant has never been monogrammed. Golden tie bar is approx 2 3/4"
long, and pendant hangs 2 1/4".  In very good condition. Signed Anson Pat. Pending.
Item#MEN 208
Price $9.99
Vintage Tie Bar Clip Clasp, Golden tie bar
Vintage Men's Signed Swank Tie Clasp
Men's Cufflinks Blue Stones In Center
Men's cuff links. Warm golden with a swirled blue stone. The center stone has different hues of blue. The cuff links are
signed U.S.A. and PAT PEND with a G in a circle. These came on a worn satin cloth with a designers name LaRue,
Made In U.S.A. The cloth is too tattered to photograph. If you wish to have it with the sale of these cuffs, let me know. 7/8" x
Price $9.99
Vintage Men's jewelry. Vintage Nemo on original card, goldtone. Card marked "TIE CLIP", "FAMOUS ALLIGATOR GRIP",
nemo. Card is vintage aged, tie clip is excellent condition. Dates from the 1950s to the 1960s.
Price $19.99
Men and women of all times wore jewelry
Vintage Black Silver Cufflinks, Mens Jewelry
Vintage Black Silver Cufflinks, Mens Jewelry. They are linked by a polished
silvertone bar from back to front and this style of link would indicate that they
date from the 1930's era. Each is lighter weight with a silver star that's set with
a deep yellow rs. Link shaft. Today, I think it's more difficult to find these older
ones. Its a higher demand item like it used to be when all men wore cufflinks.
Lighter, links are 3/4" wide.
Price $29.99
Antique vintage simulated diamond tie clasp pin
Tie Tack / Lapel Pin
Retro Vintage mens vintage jewelry
Men's vintage tie tack with a red oval red lucite cab in silvertone
It's your goal to have the best for your man. Retro Vintage 1960s Sim Pearl Tie Pin. A very cool English
retro vintage mens tie pin. Gold-tone metal with a larger Sim 3/8" Pearl to the front; the colors
shimmers of pearl. And it's the perfect gift for the man who has everything! The tie pin has a push
release fastener and a safety chain. Tie Tack / Lapel Pin.
Price $19.99
Men's vintage tie tack. Stick pin with clip, red oval red lucite cab in silvertone. 3/8".
Price $7.99
Antique vintage simulated diamond tie clasp pin. Round push back with the inner locking spring. This has
two tabs on the sides of the back, push them in to release the tie tack. Rose gold, unsigned.
Price $29.99
Use for a small tie or possibility a boys tie
Silvertone vintage Clip Tie Bar Clasp. The size is 1 1/2" x 1/4". Use for a small tie or possibility a boys tie. Stamped motif
and two chatons on the front. Strong clip on the backside.
Item#MEN 2-982
Price $12.99

Mens vintage jewelry rugged and bold. Vintage cuff links, vintage tie clasp, rings, and vintage cuff buttons.

Vintage tie tacs, vintage cuff links, and vintage tie accessories. Keepsakes for that special man.
Signed Vintage Jewelry.
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