Men's vintage Speidel  I.D.'s bracelet, comes with original black felt box with its foiled price tag, Made in U.S.A. Clasp
signed Speidel. The bottom sticker - Speidel 70 Ship St. Prov. RI 02903 927/30 0 79631 10154 7. 1970.

(Item#MEN100, Price $49.99)

Early 1990's I wrote the company for information: Per Engineering department with Speidel, the finish of the front ID
plate and the band contains base material 85-15 red brass with a gold plating of 7 to 10millionth. The ID Chain:
Rectangle Boston Link. The color is 23kt Gold Color.
Adjustable. Marked on the inside of the band, PAT.2,961,855. It has the square adjustable shank band. Top - 1"W, has
a little plate loss. Square shanks are hard to come by but you can find them. Men's vintage ring.

(Item#MEN114, Price $14.99)
Size 12 to 12.5. Men's turquoise band ring. Ring looks hammered on the inside. Unsigned silver content.

(Item#MEN115, Price $14.99)
KREISLER. Tie bar with chain and solid medallion. Medallion appears gold planted - gold content unsigned.
Measures 2" across x 2 3/4" in length. Signed KREISLER U.S. PAT. # 2,195,594.

(Item#MEN117, Price $29.99)
Indian Head Cent gold wash cufflinks, 1902 and 1907. 3/4 inches in diameter. Marked PAT. 2,920,363.

(Item#MEN116, Price $89.99)
This is such a showy tie clasp. The silhouette of the knight's head is raised above the background surface in 4 layers:
A golden curved metal backing layered, a rectangular carnelian vintage lucite, cream colored silhouette, and finally a
golden metal armor knights head. Little vintage wear. 1 3/4" long x 2/3" height.

(Item#MEN118, Price $29.99)
Antique duck pins / tie tacks. White and orange enamel paint. Realistic farm like. Some have minor flea chips. 1 1/8"
across. 4 duck pins / tacks.

(Item#MEN119, Price $99.99)
Men's Vintage Speidel I.D.'s Bracelet
Gold wash Ccuff Links Indian Head Cent 1902 & 1907 dates
Men's ring, square band, I've always wondered how men wear square bands
4 - Antique Duck Tie Tacks
Signed KREISLER Tie Clasp
Men's Turquoise Silver Ring
Men's Vintage Tie Clasp Layered Vintage Plastic Bakelite
Handcrafted antique ring. Size 9 1/2. Early antique silver alloy ring and garnet red colored center stone. The ring is
hefty weight. Light age wear to the top of the stone, unsure what the stone is.

(Item#MEN 1-022, Price $129.99)
Men's Antique Silver Ring
Swank Klip. Black and white enamel strips in silvertone. Money clip has a "roll"
bar on the backside for placement of your money. 2 5/8" long x 5/16" across on
the front side. Light service scratches. Signed Pat. Pend. SWANK KLIP.

(Item#NA212/MEN1, Price $19.99)
Vintage Swank Klip, Money Clip
Tie Bar Men's dress clip. Brushed cross pattern on front. Strong clip on the
backside. 1 1/4" x 1/4".

(Item#MEN 1-983, Price $9.99)
Brushed pattern, Silvertone vintage Clip Tie Bar Clasp

The world is watching as he moves in that handsome suit
with those golden shimmering robust cuff link's. Shop vintage.

Victorian Agate Ring, very old, pressed brass wash metal
Antique adjustable. Hand cut band with generous traces of it's original gold wash gilding over brass. Agate stone,
brown stripped with white on back. Open-backed setting. Moderate antique age wear and darkening spots over it.
Adjustable but shown as a size 6 in the photo.

(Item#Ring 7-021/652/men1, Price $169.99)