Lovely carved bakelite rose brooch in rich butterscotch. This is a very sweet rose
motif.....the pin is quite old and from the early bakelite period. The pin back is heatset in
the back with a c-clasp. The c-clasp pin is bent, I have not straightened it and will let the
new owner decide if he wants to. Measures 1" in length as well as across.
Price $24.99
Eeeks a mouse. A cute little vintage pink mouse with big black ears and ruby red rhinestone eyes and a long black tail.
His body is hollow, his ears and tail moves. Marked MADE IN HONG KONG. 2 1/2" long including the tail.
Price $3.99
Antique celluloid 1800's brooch. A very ornate creamy white
lace carved celluloid brooch with an intricate lacy look. Great
dimension and high relief petaled-flowers makes it appear
as if the flower was right in front of you. Accented with
rhinestones. Older antique lace work brooch could use a
Price $19.99
Silver Designer Signed WARNER Reverse Carved Glass Brooch
signed vintage WARNER reverse carved glass brooch.
The brooch measures 1-3/8" across x 1-7/8" long. In
overall excellent condition but there is a small spot of
plate loss beside the signature on the back.
Price $44.99
Exquisite Carved Black and Clear Vintage Plastic Brooch
Carved Vintage Plastic Brooch Rivited c-clasp closure
This is a gorgeous older brooch. Deep carved vintage
plastic black and clear brooch. The cameo is very
detailed down to the necklace. C" clasp closure.
Measures 2-/4" X 1-7/8".  Est 1800, C-clasp closure
riveted on.
Price $89.99
Egyptian Scarab Golden Pin
Antique Pressed Metal, Serpents and Wings
Egyptian revival pressed metal scarab brooch, circa 1940. The brooch
is coppery brass color on the metal, with a detailed vintage plastic
scarab beetle insert. Measures apx 2" x 1 1/2".
Pat number on back under pin clasp: PAT 2066969. The issue date for
2066969 is: January 5, 1937
Price $79.99
Antique Tussie Mussie with serpent at tip. This
tussie-mussie has a chain attachment dangling two plain
round fobs. Tiny slightly darker in the center area from
antique age wear. Unknown metal but appears to be a gold
wash. A very beautiful Tussie Mussie with c clasp. Height: 2
1/8 inches
including the band surrounding the top.
Diameter: 1/4 inches.
Price $179.99
A Large Stem of Flowers Brooch and Matching Earrings
Noticeable stemmed gold tone shimmers with several stems of striking rhinestone flowers. The floral holds huge expression with
oranges, yellows and whites. 3 1/4" long by 2" across. The matching earrings are clips. 1 1/8"  long. A bright sassy set to brighten
your day.
Item#BRCH 6-181
Price $79.99
Silver Elongated Lilac Brooch
Three Stone Silver Lilac Brooch
Elongated Silvertone pin. Vintage 1950-60's and oh so pretty. Chunky vintage lilac clear
lucite acrylic resin stones has a lovely sunny glow that glistens. Sets are prongset and
open backed. 2" by 1/2". Excellent condition.
Price $29.99
Vintage Pink Plastic Mouse | Designer Signed MADE IN HONG KONG
Carved Bakelite Pin Brooch Heatset Pin on Reverse
Carved bakelite rose brooch
Tussie Mussie Serpent At End
Tussie-Mussie with Chain and Fobs
Serpent Tussie-Mussie
Antique Celluloid Brooch Lacy Detailed Work
Ornate with creamy white carved celluloid
Antique celluloid brooch
This is a truly fine example of the extraordinary jewelry of years ago. Early plastics, celluloid's,
bakelites of the times as opposed to being something that is new classic. Tussie Mussie c clasp,
Tussie-Mussie with Serpent, Vintage Bakelite, Celluloid, Brooches and Pins.
A brooch can be stunning alone or with another piece of jewelry. Mix-it-up any way you like with
layers or styles.
Vintage lovely art deco geometric bar brooch pin. This attractive unusual brooch
gives ultimate flash and glam. I want to call it an executive brooch, or a dramatic
brooch. It can be worn in any direction,and represents a mix of vintage savvy
with restrained confidence. Measures 3 inches.
Item#BRCH 6-414-10
Price $39.99