Very pretty and lovely gold with pink rs. Beautifully glistens with its shape.  It is formed in six groups each centered with a
lovely pink rs. Wonderful and measures 1 3/4 inch long and 1 3/4 inch wide.
Price $19.99
Floral Enamel RS Brooch. Gorgeous large flowered is loaded with rs as centers green, blue, yellow, pink, light pink, and
crystal rs and finished off with enamel painting in a gold tone setting.    2 ½ inches long and 1 ½ inches wide
Price $29.99
Starlight - A starlight with two sets of pink, light pink, crystal, yellow, greens, and light blue. Very attractive with a light
golden setting. Measures 1 7/8 inches long and 1 7/8 inches across.
Price $16.99
Sweet and beautiful red daisy. Covered with red rs in a golden circle. Lovely decorated
golden setting. Measures 11/2"long and 1 1/4" wide.
Price $14.99
One of my favorites! Exceptional BSK is a winning
piece and is loaded with a multitude colorful stones.
An arched platform shows its beauty and set in a gold
setting. The size is 1 1/2" across and built to 1/2" deep.
Price $39.99
Paved Vintage Brooch. Another amazing piece. Pear, baguette, chatons and crystal clear rhinestones. Two brimming
rows of diamond cut rs on the outer edge. Prong set in silver tone metal. c. 1930s.
Price $29.99
Paved Vintage Brooch Pear, Baguette, Chatons and Rhinestones
Starlight Light Golden Brooch
Designer Signed Original by Robert Red Multi Prong Oval Center
Alternating Faux Pearls and Red Glass Cabs
Original by Robert Signed Brooch
Vintage early Frank Hess attributed to Miriam Haskell
Frank Hess Mound of Colored Wood Flowers Vintage Brooch
Vintage wood jewelry
Gorgeous pin/brooch, signed Original by Robert very
striking vintage pin. Focal point is a large brilliant red glass
cabochon. Edge is alternating faux pearls and red glass
cabs with a wonderful "beaded" metal edge. This beautiful
pin is solid. Feminine and elegant, plus fantastic
craftsmanship with high end quality. Measures 1". Excellent
vintage condition.
Price $49.99
Vintage early Frank Hess Unsigned Miriam Haskell  colorful wood beads brooch pin. Early Unsigned vintage
wooden flower brooch pin. This little cutie measures approx. 2 3/4" in diameter and is made up of a mound of
colored wooden flowers.
Price $89.99
Vintage Black Japaned Lisner brooch. You will find glory and pleasure as you
waltz down the street wearing this Japanned black brooch and earring set. Brooch
is designer signed Lisner and measures 2 1/2" in length x 1 3/4" wide and filled
with black jet rhinestones. Japanned clip back earrings measure 1" in length and
also filled with black jet rhinestones.
Price $49.99
Floral glass set. The brooch measures 1 1/2" x 1 7/8". Clip earrings holds a very tiny post to help keep those earrings in
place, dangles 1 1/2". The reverse of the brooch is set with a loop so it can double as a necklace...or a brooch.
Price $24.99
Golden demi parure matching brooch and earring set. Very detailed open fret work on all pieces, adorned with simulated
opal and glass rhinestones. Very Beautiful!!! Sparkling faux opals have striking flecks of pastel colors. All three pieces in
this set are just stunning!!! The brooch measures approx. 1 1/2" in diameter. The earrings measures approx. 1" in
Price $39.99
Opal Brooch and Earrings Open Fret Wrok Vintage Brooch Set
Floral Painted Brooch Set Brooch/Necklace Pendent + Earrings
Vintage early Frank
Hess attributed to
Miriam Haskell
Original by Robert
© signed.
There is
something crazy
amazing about
vintage jewelry.
An elegant poinsettia brooch
Hollycrafts wonder brooch. This simple poinsettia brooch is oval and brimming
with multicolored stones. Hollycrafts use of a multitude of rhinestone shapes and
colors is anything but simple, and it is really eye catching. The setting is gold tone
with an antiqued finish. The pin is 2 1/2" across x 1 1/2", this had a wonderfully set
dome center. Hollycraft with © after 1955.  
Price $89.99
Hollycrafts wonder brooch like out of a museum
Signed BSK Black Diamond & AB RS Brooch
An arched brooch showing off it's colors and charm
Three Flowers Vintage Brooch
Golds and Pinks Vintage Brooch
Red Flower Pin Brooch
Sweet and sassy red flower brooch pin
Black Navette and Chaton Brooch Set + Earrings
Choose your jewelries: Early Frank Hess attributed to Miriam Haskell Wooden Brooch, 12K GF
Original by Robert brooch, Black Japaned Lisner Brooch, Vintage Hollycraft jewelry
Hollycraft vintage jewelry, vintage BSK jewelry, early Frank Hess attributed to Miriam Haskell,
black japaned signed Lisner Brooch.
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