Victorian Brooch. Silver horse with five bar gate. The details on this piece is truly lovely. This has a T-bar pin and C-clasp,
with a long pin stem extending outward. C early to mid 1800s. Size is 1" wide excluding pin and 3/4" tall, the pin extends
the brooch. Approx. 3.5 grams. Quite an early piece with quite beautiful detail.
Price $149.99
Victorian Irises sash pin. In this you will acquire an appearance of Victorian simplicity
through it’s red brass floral faceted stones made from the Bohemian glass. Sash pin,
measures 2 1/4" x 1 1/4".
Price $29.99
Golden NANNY Brooch. Pieces of this caliber are getting harder to find. Stunning mid to
late 1800's pin. Key and horseshoe. Clear Paste Round and Ruby Paste Stones. Such a
great antique piece, early 1800s, exquisite craftsmanship. This would be a wonderful
addition to your fine jewelry collection and is ready to make someone else happy for a very
long time. Excellent victorian condition.
Price $269.99
This is truly a stunning antique sash pin brooch. Open filigree golden setting is masterfully
done and encompasses a beautiful garnet red glass center stone.  Estimated mid to late
1800s. Excellent Victorian condition.
Price $89.99
Victorian Brooch With Padlock Charm
A fine victorian pin brooch with dangling charm. C early 1800's. This streamlined shape is
timeless. Antique brassy colored with; the padlock is hand stamped metal and not a real
padlock. T-bar pin and C-clasp. Measures a little over 1-1/4 inches long.   
Price $109.99
Victorian Brooch Tube Hinge
Carnelian Filigree Brooch Antique Jewellery
Ornate Filigree Brooch Antique Victorian with a larger Carnelian Stone
Victorian Brooch Tube Clasp
Victorian c. 1910 ART DECO ENAMEL FLORAL brooch.  A three dimensional brooch. Prong set blue paste rhinestones
alternating with baby blue florets, these florets are centered with tiny red rs centers. The large center is smooth oval blue
celluloid stone with fantastic sheen. The brooch has scrolled floret openwork with corner hearts. Measures 2" x 1" with a
C clasp back. Excellent Victorian condition, beautiful antique jewelry. The photo shows a line on the stone, this is camera
Price $69.99
Edwardian signed and hallmarked pin. Black and silver pin SIGNED "SILVER GILT" and "AJS", and hallmarked with an
anchor, lion, and S. I believe this to be a Gorham Co. 1852-1865. Period T-bar pin and C-clasp. Black and silver buckle
pin. Antique jewelry pin brooch.
Price $219.99
Very detailed Lions Mouth Set with Purple Stone Victorian Dirk Pin
Signed Silver Antique Dirk Pin Victorian Antique Pin
 Signed SILVER Dirk Pin Lions Head Top
High Relief Red Set Stone | Open filigree Victorian Sash Pin
Antique Sash Pin Centered with Large Red Setting
Brooch with a larger Carnelian Stone. Scrolled openwork
with central Antique Sash Pin Brooch. Antique victorian
brooch!!! Ornate Filigree large oval carnelian stone is
closed back for extra richness and exquisite crown set. The
brooch measures 1 3/4" by 1 1/16" with a safety C clasp
tube clasp on the backside. In wonderful antique condition
and a beautiful sheen to the carnelian stone! Excellent
Victorian brooch/pin.
Price $129.99
Victorian Brooch horse and 5 bar gate, T-bar pin and C-clasp
Edwardian Nanny Pin Early 1800's
Clear Paste Round and Ruby Paste Stones
Black and silver pin signed SILVER GILT and AJS Edwardian pin
Victorian c. 1910 ART DECO ENAMEL FLORAL Brooch
Antique Signed
Dirk Pin
Signed dirk pin. The front is very detailed. The lions mouth
is set with a purple stone. The body of the pin is adorned
with a lovely detailed triangular pattern graduating down as
the pin tapers. The top is mounted with a faceted citrin
glass stone in an open backed mount. The dirk pin is 3"
long. The backside has a long clasp, the pin extends the
clasp and fastens with a roll over clasp. Chain safety clasp.
On the back near the point is signed SILVER (hard to read).
Est mid - late 1800's.
Price $289.99
Did you know in the late Victorian and Edwardian time period, sash pins were generally worn in the same position at the waist as
a victorian belt buckle would be worn.
Antique "Nanny"
Lions Mouth Set with
Purple Stone   
A triangle of Juliana beauty with navettes and fruit salad stones
Blue-green round and marquise-shaped crystals has three leaf-shaped fruit salads at each corner
The rare Triangular Juliana Brooch, blue-green round and marquise-shaped
crystals has three leaf-shaped fruit salads at each corner. The leaves shade
from citron to deep azure blue, giving the brooch depth and glimmer.  It
glows against black, and worked well against several other colors. It
measures almost 2 1/4” from corner to corner. The pin stem has a small
bend but it doesn't affect its fastening ability.
Price $59.99
Hand blown bubble has high mound
Pin back is c-clasp at one end and the pin stem SWIVELS side to side
Center of pin - hand blow glass with gold flecks, air bubble, and pink swirl. Pin back is c-clasp at one end and the pin stem "SWIVELS"
side to side (not up and down) to fasten. 3" x 2", victorian gold wash.
Price $249.99
Hand blow glass with gold flecks antique brooch
Antique Gold Bar Pin
Red glass stone in center
Two shades of gold on top, c clasp on back
The thistle represents nobility and graciousness
Silver brooch with orange cut glass at end
Wear it on a lapel or another accessory
A True Stunner. Antique Gold Bar Pin. Two shades of gold
on top, c clasp on back. Red glass stone in center. Very
decorative. The red is splendid but it would also look
stunning with a diamond replacement. The bar brooch is 2
1/4" x 3/8". Enlarge photos for details and beauty.
Item#BRCH 10-606
Price $189.99
This pin brooch was nearly black when I acquired it, it
definitely needed cleaned. Rubbing it with a silver cloth
brought it to a beautiful brilliant shine. Now to the brooch -
Shinny silver pin with orange cut glass thistle at end
(thistles represents nobility and graciousness). Wear it on a
lapel or another accessory. Size: 3" long x 3/4". The orange
stone itself is 3/16" x 3/16".
Item#BRCH 10-633
Price $49.99
Victorian Irises Brass Sash Pin
Antique Jewelry Sash Pin

Give the gift of love - jewels. Buy a victorian or edwardian pin. Nanny pin, signed Silver dirk, sash pin.

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