Vintage demi-parure necklace and matching clip earrings with AB
amethyst crystals and amethyst rhinestones set in goldtone. The
earrings are 5/8" x 3/8" high beautifully prong-set crystal. The necklace
measures 19" including the extender. Vintage rhinestone necklace and
Item#NECSET 702
Price $99.99
A stunning design in a moon glow set. Go and have fun, filled with beautiful glowing pink moonstones. The
necklace holds large rounds, straight golden caps, alternating with tear drop pink moonstones. Measures 16"
and has a J hook closure. The screw back earrings are with three moonstones and dangle about 2 3/4". This is
a wonderful set that will be a glowing accent for any occasion!
Item#NECSET 704
Price $79.99
Early lucite flowers. The beads are a mix of pinks, and clear. The large vintage lucite pink
beads between the flower clusters are clear pink and faceted. The flowers are in two
shapes. They are surrounded by clear round and green leaf beads to make the clusters.
There are matching clip on earrings, both necklace and earrings are stamped West
Germany. Nice working hidden button brass clasp without too much wear, earring backs
the same. The necklace is long, about 22", great for your favorite flapper or feminine 30's
dress. Earrings are about 1" in diameter. Vintage West Germany made apx. c. 1945's.
Item#NECSET 710
Price $139.99
Rare enamel jewelry by Kramer. Necklace parure, Kramer green enamel, clear rhinestone
demi parure. The necklace measures 14 1/4". The clip on earrings measure 1 1/8"
diameter. Designer Signed KRAMER OF NEW YORK necklace set on its hanging tag.
Earrings are signed KRAMER with copyright symbol. Normal vintage age, a few flea bites
and a few "dead" stones to both pieces.
Item#NECSET 711
Price $149.99
Vintage Lucite Floral Necklace | Impressingly Pretty
The beautiful jewelry commemorates a unique date while FILLED With Flowers
This is the real deal! A fabulous c.1900's Art Deco parure, full set of vibrant lipstick red Czech glass and brass necklace,
bracelet, and drop earrings! Glass stones strung in a way to form fluted bi-cone shapes with brass disc spacers, then
black stones separate the larger round facet stones. The earrings are set with earring wires, more than likely a gold
content in them. Necklace measures apx. 16 1/4"; long, with the antique thumbless spring ring clasp. Bracelet measures
7 1/4" long, fold over box clasp and 7 glass Czech fluted bi-cone dangles. Earring measure 1 1/4" long. A divine designer
unsigned unmarked antique parure set! All an original set, four pieces, it doesn't get any better than this! Simple but very
dramatic charm.
Item#NECSET 701
Price $179.99
Stunning, this signed Kramer jewelry will not go unnoticed
Designer Signed KRAMER OF NEW YORK
Remarkable Julianas, Kramers, signed and unsigned
Buy a Signed Kramer
vintage enamel jewelry
The designs are beautiful and are completely unique, Art Deco full set of vibrant lipstick red Czech glass and brass
AB Amethyst Crystals & Amethyst RS Demi Parure
Huge Stone Earrings
Moonglow Necklace Parure, stunning design in a moon glow set
Brilliant Antique Rhinestone Necklace Parure
Runway Retro Dangly Rhinestone Necklace
Antique Rhinestone Necklace and Earrings, c. 1920. The set makes a bold statement in my
opinion. Earrings are clip ons and measure 2 1/2 inches in length. The pendant on the
necklace measures 3.75 inches. Topaz stone on necklace I would guess is at least 15 ct.
Nice set, well made. Measures 15 inches total length. All stones are prong set.
Item#NECSET 7-220
Price $119.99
Rich and extravagant vintage floral jewelry
Place charm on the necklace and earrings with an unbelievable display of citrine and amber colors with flowers and
leaves in a gold tone gold wash setting. The centerpiece of the necklace has great dimension with superb glass stones.
The three beads on the chain are lucite, so is the dangle at the end of the necklace. This necklace measures 16 3/4" with
extension, The earrings match with the same glass stones. 1 1/4" clip ons. This is similar to several designers, it is
Item#NECSET 7-333-73545y
Price $149.99
A remarkable necklace and matching bracelet, with added large juliana brooch. Each piece is filled with white milkglass smooth top
marquise stones. The necklace is 15 1/4" x 3/8". J hook clasp. The bracelet is 7" x 3/8" with a push in hidden lock clasp. I bought this
as all 3 pieces as a set so selling it together though I wonder if the brooch isn't a natural to the set. The brooch pin stem nicely sticks
out beyond the clasp closure on the backside dating this to 1930-1940s, and it is a slight brighter golden color than the necklace. The
brooch is 2 1/2" x 2". All three pieces honestly look like they are a married set. There is one "NATURAL (manufactured)" tinest weebit
hole to one stone.
Item#NECSET 7-243
Price $199.99
Share with the world what your jewelry means to you, a remarkable necklace and matching bracelet
Go Girl Go. Do it today, buy yourself that vintage enamel necklace parure! Buy a
remarkable signed Kramer, or an Art Deco necklace and matching bracelet.
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