Vintage Crystal Rhinestone Necklace Parure
Impressive and timeless, three rows of hefty round crystals in silvertone. Necklace - 3 strands, prong sets, 14 1/2"
long with J hook clasp. Bracelet - 6 3/4" long x under 3/4" on its clasp.

(Item#NECSET1-2306, Timeless crystal clear set. Price $89.99)
Peridot princes cuts and facet clear rounds in silvertone. Necklace - 1 1/2" drop in center
front, fold over clasp, 15" length. Bracelet - fold over clasp, 6 1/2" length. Earrings -
screwbacks, 1" length.

(Item#NECSET1-2301, Peridot chaton Set. Price $139.99)
Huge Red Rhinestones Sway Softly Vintage Necklace Parure
As graceful as it can be. Larger 1/4" red rounds in an antique gold tone setting. Necklace - golden curves, push in box
clasp, necklace is 14 3/4" in length not including the clasp length. Bracelet - 6 3/4" in length not including the fold over
clasp length.

(Item#NECSET1-2303, Red golden graceful Set. Price $109.99)
Beautiful blues necklace and earrings plus a ring thast matches but is not married to the set
From sapphire blues to lighter blues. Marquises, emerald cut, facet rounds, all in
silvertone. Necklace - J hook clasp, 14 1/2"L, 5/8"W. Clip earrings - 1 3/8"L x 1/2"
W. One petite darker stone. I'm including a free - complimentary adjustable ring -
3/4" x 1/2" stone, matt finish slightly worn ring backside.

(Item#NECSET1-2302, Blue necklace, earrings, + free ring. Price $139.99)
Demi parure, med/light blue, silvertone, 350+ stones.
Necklace - 14 1/4" in length, fold over clasp. Bracelet - 7
1/8" in length, fold over clasp. Earrings - dangle
screwbacks, 1 3/4 x 1/2". Rhinestone Demi Parure Set
(Item#NECSET1-2305, Light blue parure. Price $149.99)
Juliana D&E Necklace Demi Parure brilliant rectangle honey amber
Multiple sized emerald cut stones (1 x 3/4", 3/4 x 1/2", 7/16 x 3/8", non foiled on backside), and rounds, honey amber edged with
yellow gold rhinestones. Gold tone settings. Necklace - 15" includes the j hook closure. Earrings - clip backs, 1"L x 3/4"W.

(Item#NECSET1-2307, Large honey amber Set, golden chatons. Price $169.99)
Vintage Jewelry Necklace Parure | Necklace + Bracelet + Earrings. Multi Layered Rhinestone Set
Large Green Stones All Emerald stones open on the backside
Juliana Vintage Emerald Rhinestone Set
Vintage Rhinestone Set. Emerald stones vary in sizes and open on the backside,
crystal facet stones, jewelry set in silvertone. Necklace - the necklace drop is a 3
1/4", the lower stone measures 1", then add the surrounding crystals. Necklace
length is 16", not including the hook closure length. Earrings - clips, 1 1/8". This
set is simply a snazzy.

(Item#NECSET1-312, Large emerald stone Set. Price $149.99)
Vintage demi parure set. Baltic amber emerald cut glass stones
sided between two rows of citrine stones, prong settings, in
shimmering goldtone. Necklace - 16" in length (16 3/4 with the j
hook fast
ener) x 5/8". Bracelet - 6 3/4", fold over clasp.

(Item#NECSET1/201, Abundant amber Set. Price $179.99)
The necklace and bracelet features large emerald Amber stones
Necklace and bracelet set done in goldtone with rs and larger emerald stones
Impressive Vintage Jewelry Necklace Parure

It is hugely important to span buying your jewelry styles in different historical periods,
some being Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Mid-Century, Contemporary, and others.

Fire red stones sizes range from 1/2" to med and to small facet rounds, silvertone setting. Necklace - 14 1/2" in length
not including the fold over clasp length. Bracelet - double row at center, 6" in length not including the fold over clasp.
Earrings - screwback, 3/4" long.

(Item#NECSET 23-1-480A/1, Volumes of reds vintage jewelry. Price $139.99)
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