Light ice blue necklace, earrings, and brooch in silvertone. The
necklace and earrings are a set, the complimentary brooch was
Necklace - 15" in length, fold over clasp. Clip earrings - 1" x 1".
Brooch - compliments the set, 1".

(Item#NECSET 1401, Vintage Blue Jewelry. Price $89.99)
PAKULA. Stunning 1/2" gold toned hearts with 1/4" iridescent rhinestones. Necklace - 15"L X 1/2". Bracelet - 7"L X 1/2"
with fold over clasp.

(Item#NECSET 1405, Pakula Jewelry Set. Price $129.99)
Chunky iridescent pearlized glass stones reflects pinks, purples, greens, coloring, set in goldtone. Necklace - 16
1/2"L X 5/8"W, J hook clasp. Bracelet - 7"L x 5/8"W, closes with a fold over clasp.

(Item#NECSET 1404, Chunky Iridescent Set. Price $109.99)
Aurora borealis crystal set. Choker necklace - faceted disk and faceted rounds, 14 1/2"L, double wide J hook clasp.
Clip earrings - wired on multi faceted glass, earring backs are riveted, 1"W.

(Item#NECSET 1406, Aurora borealis Set. Price $69.99)
Rosy gold tone set with articulated leaves. Necklace - leaves,
double looped chain, overall wearable length is 15 1/2"L x 1/2"w.
Clip earrings - 1"L x 1 1/4W.

(Item#NECSET 1407, Articulated necklace Set. Price $119.99)
Vintage Blue Rhinestone Necklace Demi Parure Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry
Iced blues in a shocking necklace and earring set
Deeply Veined Leaf Viintage Parure
Goldtone Textured Leaf Necklace Set
Vintage Pearl Necklace Parure | Vintage Jewelry at Teresa's
Heavy creamy pearl necklace with complimentary earrings.
Imitation pearls or pearls are 3/8" diameter, rhinestones, set in
silvertone. Necklace - Double strand, pearls are hand tied
between each, some nacre is pealing by the string holes, strands
finishes with a decorative box clasp. 16"L. Complimentary clip
earrings - 7/8"W, have pearls surrounded with rhinestones, 1"
across, inscribed posy flower on its clasp. Earrings compliment
the necklace very well.

(Item#NECSET14-087 Creamy sim pearls. Price $109.99)
Shop Vintage Pearl Strands, heavy simulated creamy pearl necklace
Striking Thermoset Chrome Necklace + Bracelet + Earrings
Shimmering Chrome Gray Thermoplastic Parure
Oblong Black and Clear Chatons Bracelet
Blue Tear Stones and Round Chatons
Necklace Earring Demi Parure
Black and clear rhinestones set into silvertone. Necklace - three rows, 14"L (doesn't include the 1/2" for the j hook clasp) x 9/16"W.
Bracelet - widens at the center, 6 1/4"L x 1"W. Three strand clip back earrings (not shown) are black and white rhinestones, 1 1/2" x

(Item#NECSET14- 471A, Black and clear sets. Price $169.99)
Thermoplastic Parure Matching Set, matte metallic gray color in silvertone. Necklace - 15"L not including 1/2" J hook closure x
7/8"W. Bracelet - 7"L x 7/8"W. Earrings - 1 1/2"L x 7/8"W.

(Item#NECSET14-470A, Thermoplastic Parure Set. Price $99.99)
An elegant necklace and earring set in blues and silvertone. Choker
necklace - 14"L not including the clasp which is another 1/2", and 1
1/4" in the front. Clip earrings - 1 1/2" x 3/4" at their widest.

(Item#NECSET14-472A, Blues silvertone, Set. Price $99.99)
Vintage Jewelry Necklace Bracelet Demi Parure
Facet Crystal AB Necklace and Earrings
Signed Pakula Necklace Set | Necklace and Bracelet
Rows of Black and Clear Round Chaton Necklace and Bracelet
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