Beautiful rhinestone necklace, Amethyst and Light Rose Rhinestone. The center drop is 1 1/2" L with three large light
rose stones at top. Two rows of amethyst rs alternating with light rose rs which then flows to a single strand. The
necklace measures 16" long; fastens with hook so it will adjust to fit from 13" to 16". The chain is finished with a single
amethyst rhinestone. All stones are glass, prong-set, in gold-tone metal.
Item#Necklace 2202
Price $44.99
A fabulous pearl or glass pearl necklace! No clasp on this lovely piece of jewelry- simply
put it on over your head! Poof! You are ready to hit the town and party all night. Single
strand measuring 29 1/4 inches in length. The pearls are all of the same size and
.6cm/6mm. It has a beautiful color with depth and glow, and is heavier...either glass or
pearl. I can not say enough about its simple beauty. The sim pearls have such a fine
luster, you'll go insane. Very lovely heavy vintage set.
Item#Necklace 2203
Price $49.99
Carved celluloid's, rhinestones, venetian glass millefiore necklace, moonglow, thermoset, coro, and...
Shimmering Pearl Strand Necklace Measures 29 1/4 Inches
Pull over fabulous pearl or glass pearl necklace
Facet Crystal Necklace, Colors You Don't See Often
Vintage designer signed necklace. The colors are a stunning smoke gray and gold topaz 3/8 inch facet crystals with a
tiny facet glass bead between each large bead. This necklace is adjustable and measures 15 inches long and holds a
double-rs decorated shepherd's hook. This vintage piece is designer signed Marvella. Excellent vintage condition.
Item#Necklace 2215
Price $39.99
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Deep Coral Carved Flower Necklace
Antique Fringe! Crystals and Pearls
Pearls, Crystals, and Box Chain Antique Jewelry
Antique fringe dangles with pearls and aurora borealis crystals
suspended from a box-chain; from the turn of the last century. The
pearls are a double row with rich cream colors. The crystals are
doubled up in the center, bell shapes over faceted rounds, with round
crystals towards each end. They sparkle with a mix of delicate blues,
purples, pinks and greens with hints of gold. The box chain has square
links, textured with brassy goldtone. On the backside of one single sim
pearl is a tiny pin head sized hole in the coating. The necklace is 17"
long end to end x 1.5 deep at the center. Clasp is a chunky thumbless
bolt-ring. A stunning and beautiful antique necklace.
Item#Necklace 22-090
Price $169.99
Glamorous vintage jewelry and richly laid out. Ornate coral colored pendant necklace
with carved leaves and flowers. The large middle rose is surrounded by small roses,
each centered with a simulated pearl. Goldtone chain and box slide in clasp. The
center flower section is 2" in length. Necklace measures 15 1/2" long. Deeply coral
color for accent.
Item#Necklace 22-089
Price $59.99
Deep Rich Amethyst and Rose Vintage Necklace
Turquoise Stones | Vintage Unsigned Czech Choker Necklace
Vintage Unsigned Czech Choker Necklace. Turquoise stone/glass beads are heavy and filled
with a variety of speckled colors. Each is hand knotted between! Decorative gold tone flower
hidden clasp with stone atop. Wear the clasp at the side, front, or back. 15" in length x 5/16" with
the decorative clasp being 3/4" across.
Item#Necklace 22-566
Price $49.99
Memorizing blue lapis stones set into silvertone. The stones are gorgeous, range from 1/2" to 3/4" long, and oh so
showy. Necklace is 20 inches long with a j hook closure.
Item#Necklace 22-440
Price $49.99
Huge Teardrop Blue Lapis Stones Necklace
Deep Set with hip shades of brown glitzy rhinestones
Shimmering golden antique necklace with vibrant blue marquis center front
A beautiful golden necklace set with blue stones
A full Egyptian Cleopatra form fringe bib necklace
Vintage antique signed Coro, Des. Pat. Pend. necklace
Blueish round cut rs on the chain with sapphire and light blue tear drop cut rs on the center front
Honey beads with golden specks, gold tone caps, oval beads, carnival beads, swirled art beads
Three strand pearl necklace with green stones, and coral
Shimmering golden antique necklace with vibrant blue marquis center front. Stones are
prong set. Choker is 15” in length which excludes the length to the fold over clasp.
Item#Necklace 22-237
Price $49.99
Go Girls Go. Beautiful vintage full Egyptian Cleopatra form fringe bib necklace. Blend of
honey, brown & gold colors; honey beads with golden specks, gold tone caps, oval beads,
carnival beads, swirled art beads, all combined to make this outstanding piece. The
necklace is appx. 15 1/4" not including the length to the fish hook closure.
[Thank you Mary
for sharing the following information: This necklace is pictured in Cherri Simonds book "Collectible
Costume Jewelry Identification & Values" on page 109. [BAVj's has not verified the information, please
acquire a book and verify if you are interested.]
Item#Necklace 22-262
Price $89.99
Deep Set with hip shades of brown glitzy rhinestones; lavaliere choker necklace. All rhinestones are bright and sparkly,
prong set on silver tone. Excellent condition. Measures 15” long which does not include the length to the fishhook catch,
by 2.5” tall at the center dangle.
Item#Necklace 22-247
Price $1
Vintage antique signed Coro, Des. Pat. Pend. necklace. Silvertone snake chain accompanied with a sliding bar of
shimmering multi colored and multi sized rhinestones. All foil back set in silver tone settings. Choker necklace has a
total length of 14.5”.
Item#Necklace 22-244
Price $39.99
Vintage hefty sapphire blue rhinestone necklace. Necklace has light blue round cut rhinestones on the chain with
sapphire and light blue tear drop cut rhinestones on the center piece all prong set in a silver tone. The same sized six
teardrops are open on the backside, the large center stone is multi prong set. The necklace measures 14” long not
including the fish hook closure length, and the necklace is simply stunning.
Item#Necklace 22-241
Price $69.99
Three strand pearl necklace. Each strand swirls around another and alternates with golden stones, green stones, and
coral. The shinny white pearls with a cream overtone, perhaps pearls if not then glass pearls. 23.5” in length. Barrel
Item#Necklace 22-249
Price $39.99
Simulated lucite coral necklace 24", beads graduate in sizes, 3/4 inches in the front. Light aging. Golden Pill Box Push in
Item#Necklace 22-zxcvbn66
Price $19.99
Deep Cherry Red Necklace with a hidden push in clasp antique necklace. Decorative
silver shaft links alternate with silver capped circ deep cherry red links in 2 sizes.
This pattern alternates around the entire necklace, the front has has a definite large
hand cut pendant. The Necklace Measures: 32” without the pendant drop length. The
Pendant Drop length is a beautiful 4”. The pendant itself measures: 1 ¾”L x ½” W. It
all adds up to a spectacular piece of Victorian jewelry!
Item#Necklace 22-276-23135W
Price $239.99
Simulated lucite coral necklace 24 inch
Decorative silver shaft links alternate with silver capped circ deep cherry red links in 2 sizes
Made in a shimmering bright silvertone, this stunning collar necklace will turn heads as you enter a room! Faceted round
crystals of clear, drops from a strand of rs that runs from end to end. This necklace is one you may wear everyday with a
white blouse, a sweater, or casual wear. Total length is 15" x 1/2" (not including the j hook). c. 1950-1960.
Item#Necklace 22-638
Price $39.99
Bright silvertone, this stunning collar necklace
This lovely antique fringe necklace is sure to light a fire under you and get things on
a roll! Find unique antique and vintage jewelry online - Millefiore, rhinestones,
thermoset, coro, vintage antique jewelry.