Elegant 3-D Silvertone GREAT HORN OWL enhanced with turquoise eyes, necklace pendant. Older and heavier piece,
1950's . This beautifully adorable guy is unsigned but has characteristics of silver, excellent, add a chain for this pendant
vintage jewelry.
Item# N608, Necklace 2606
Price $11.99
A pretty silvertone necklace that suspends a filigree base and holds eleven chain ball dangles. The necklace is 18" and closes with
a j-hook closure and disk at the opposite end. The center filigree medallion with dangles measures 2 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" long.
Item# Necklace 2607
Price $9.99
Whooooo - Gold Owl Necklace and Amber Eyes Vintage Necklace
Vintage owl necklace. Golden adorable owl has amber glass eyes. Jointed in two sections, that makes the owls body
movable. Pendant is on the original 24 inch gold tone chain. Owl itself is 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. Highly detailed and
Item#Necklace 2609
Price $19.99
Vintage necklaces are an excellent way of adding a unique look to your style
Silver Filigree Necklace Suspends Eleven Dangle Chains and Balls
3-D Silvertone GREAT HORN OWL with Blue Eyes
Vintage Juliana D &E De Lizza Elster 16 inch
Features Oval Green Cabochons and Stylized Flowers
Vintage 16" Link Cabochon Necklace. The necklace is
adorned with oval green cabochons and stylized flowers. The
large oval stones are embraced with golden decorative prong
settings, the flowers are enhanced small chaton clear cut
rhinestones. Ladies, why not delight your senses and soul
with wondrous vintage necklaces.
Item#Necklace 2611
Price $79.99
Blue vintage flower necklace accented with rhinestones in the centers. The lucite
flowers are 3/4" across and alternate with silvertone metal leaves. It is 16 1/2" long,
including the extenders for the fish hook clasp, which are made of blue plastic "chain"
links. Blue vintage flower necklace, unsigned.
Item#Necklace 2610
Price $39.99
Blue Florals, 16 1/2 inch vintage flower necklace
Lenox Sterling Beautiful Angel Necklace
Designer signed LENOX. Lenox Sterling Angel Necklace and Pendant.
There is a beautiful crystal that makes up the bottom of the angels
body. The necklace and angel have a gold tone look to them. The
pendant is signed on top of the angels halo: 925 Lenox. The chain is
signed KC 925 Italy, which means: It is gold plated over sterling silver
and it was made in Italy. The chain is 19" long, the pendant is 1 3/4"
Item#Necklace 26-079
Price $79.99
The radiance and richness of vintage costume jewelry necklaces. Once you've laid eyes upon
them, you can't buy just one.!!! Shop online. Shop online. Blue floral necklace, designer signed
Lenox, Juliana D&E necklace.
You earned your wealth; now wear it well with layers of jewelry!
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