3-D Silvertone GREAT HORN OWL embellished with turquoise eyes. This beautiful guy is ready for your favorite
necklace chain.

(Item# N608, Necklace 2606, Owl pendent. Price $15.99)
A pretty silvertone necklace that suspends a filigree base and holds eleven chain ball dangles. The necklace is 18" and closes with
a j-hook closure and disk at the opposite end. The center filigree medallion with dangles measures 2 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" long.

(Item# Necklace 2607, Dangle chain and balls. Price $9.99)
Whooooo - Gold Owl Necklace and Amber Eyes Vintage Necklace
Golden adorable owl has amber glass eyes. Jointed in two sections, that makes the owls body movable. Owl - 4"L x 2"W.
Necklace - 24"L.

(Item#Necklace 2609, Golden owl. Price $19.99)
Silver Filigree Necklace Suspends Eleven Dangle Chains and Balls
3-D Silvertone GREAT HORN OWL with Blue Eyes
Vintage Juliana D &E De Lizza Elster 16 inch
Features Oval Green Cabochons and Stylized Flowers
Link Necklace embellished with oval green cabochons and stylized flowers, and enhanced small rhinestones. Necklace - 16"L.

(Item#Necklace 2611, Oval green cabochon. Price $79.99)
Blue vintage flower necklace. Blue lucite flowers accented with rhinestones- 3/4" across. Blue lucite and silver
extension chain in back. Necklace - 16 1/2" long, including the J hook clasp.

(Item#Necklace 2610, Blue floral plastic. Price $39.99)
Blue Florals, 16 1/2 inch vintage flower necklace
Lenox Sterling Beautiful Angel Necklace
Gold plated over sterling - 925 LENOX signed at the top of the
angels halo. The 19"L necklace chain clasp is signed KC 925 Italy.
Crystal Pendent - 1 3/4"L.

(Item#Necklace 26-079, LENOX Angle. Price $79.99)
There's a radiance and richness of a vintage Lenox necklaces and a chic cabochon
necklace. Once you've laid your eyes upon them, you'll want more then just one.
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Vintage Gemstone Necklace. Unsigned H. Stern worlds finest gems and jewelry.  
Could use a light cleaning. Gorgeous gems and links.

(Item#N1309 - hstern1014 - N26, Unsigned H. Stern stone necklace. Price $19.99)
H Stern Vintage Necklace
H. Stern Vintage Necklace | Links Holds Multiple Stones