24 diamond shaped paved pendants hanging from the glorious strand of rhinestones, two at the ends taper in size. Superb glamour. Necklace - 15" closes with a
Shepherd's hook topped with a single crystal rhinestone.
Item#Necklace 2401
Price $139.99
Opal rounds and purple rhinestone necklace, all prong set. The center drop has a cluster of 4 opals and a purple rhinestone. Necklace - 15" long and has a hook clasp
finished with a single stone.
Item#Necklace 2406
Price $44.99
Vintage Paved Diamond Rhinestones
Gold Necklace with Elongated Carnelian Drops stunning necklace
Vintage Flower Choker Necklace, AB Stones
Carnelian golden necklace. Vintage Carnelian stone fringe dangles 1 1/2".  
Necklace - 16"L with a secure barrel closure. Stunning.
Item#Necklace 2410
Price $159.99
Vintage floral. Floral thermoset flowers with large ab crystal centers. J hook clasp. Needs a little cleaning.
Item#Necklace 2412
Price 19.99
Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry, 4 Round Opals Make Up Diamond Center
Pave RS, Ready For Formal Wear or a Wedding Jewelry
Opals and purple glass rhinestone necklace
FORSTNER 1/20 12 KT G.F. vintage snake chain necklace
Designer Signed FORSTNER Pendant Vintage Jewelry
Signed FORSTNER. Center front volcanic jet black stone with a small pearl setting, pendant setting is richly detailed. Nicely drops 1 3/4" from the chain. Mesh snake
chain, 15 1/4" long x 3/8 wide. Signed fold over clasp - FORSTNER 1/20 12 KT G.F. Tiny wear up by the clasp. 1940's is made by Forstner Jewelry, which began in 1922
as Forstner Chain Corp.
Item#Necklace 24-005
Price $109.99
Green leatherish vintage necklace
Large green sets are 3/4". Faux leather. Each are separated with a nice petite wooden bead. Brassy links and hook
closure. Necklace - 16 1/2" long.
Item#Necklace 24-119
Price $19.99
Vintage golden two photo necklace locket
Add your favorite chain, this vintage picture locket, and two photos
Necklace picture locket. Floral vintage embossed golden locket. Add a favorite necklace chain, a picture or two or a note inside, and
it's ready to wear.  Or add it to your key chain. Measures 3/4”.
Item#Necklace 24-236
Price $19.99
Inspired by decorative jewels and gemstones, women love diamond like rhinestones and
gems. Rhinestones are known as jewels imitating the stars.
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