Pinks and Whites, Shapes and Styles Unsigned Miriam Haskell Necklace
Unsigned Miriam Haskell Multiple Pinks & White Necklace
Miriam Haskell Antique Necklace Thumbless Spring Ring
Three strands of glass sets. Pink facet cut sets with matching mini facet cut beads, pink saucers, whites, twisted pink swirls, crystal
rondelles. It has an ornate end connector, silver tone decorated. Necklace measures 16 1/2". Sports spring ring closure. 1920s.
Item#Necklace 2501
Price $179.99
Spring time rainbow of colors. The front holds a large blue glass oval stone. Sided by two light yellow lucite moonstones, tear drops, creamy round lucite stones, all with
vary in colors. The necklace is completed with light yellow crystal glass rhinestones. Necklace - 14 1/4"L. J hook closure. Estimated 1940-50s.
Item#Necklace 2503
Price $89.99
Antique wood bell necklace. Bells and bells and more bells, 39 to be exact. Each centered with a round wooden bead clapper, bells are 5/8" across - varying in size
slightly. The brassy chain ends with an antique thumbless spring ring/ sports ring.
Wood bell jewelry - this link takes you away from out site.
Item#Necklace 2507
Price $239.99
Multiple Colors in Large Oval, Lg Rounds, Chantons, Pear Stones Juliana Necklace
Multiple Stone Shapes and Colors
Exceptionally LARGE BLUE Stones Juliana Necklace a Masterpiede
Large Stones Are Multi Faceted, Elaborate Prong Set Stones
A grand vintage necklace. The 3 royal blue center stones measures just under 1" x apx 1/2" thick, sided with 2 mid blue 5/8" stones, the color matches the small
chatons that complete the necklace. All stones are faceted and prong set. Silvertone, 16"L, shepherd's hook clasp.
Item#Necklace 2508
Price $149.99
Look seriously and upscale in this golden scalloped textured vintage necklace
Grace and poise give way to this victorian carnelian drop necklace
This is not a heavy necklace, black lucite lays gracefully
Flattering Black Lucite Babbles and Beads
Grace and poise give way to this victorian carnelian drop necklace. The carnelian stones are a wonderful caramel color. Set in a silver filigree setting, early to med
1900s, unsigned. The necklace measures 16" long and the drop portion is 2" long. Excellent antique condition.
Item#Necklace 25-118
Price $269.99
Vintage Necklace, goldtone metal with gold textured links. Double chain extensions with finial at one end and
shepherd's hook at the other. Necklace - 18" in length.
Item#Necklace 25-120
Price $29.99
An interesting necklace. Lightweight black lucite on silvertone. The center bead drop measures  2" x 1 1/4". Necklace - 27" long. Spring ring closure. c. 1970s-1980s.
Item#Necklace 25-122
Price $19.99
Ribbed Gold Choker with Dark Colored Glass Stones
A shapely golden necklace with dark amber glass sets. It just clips around the neck, no
clasp. Necklace - 16" and expandable.
Item#Necklace 25-441
Price $24.99
Antique wood jewelry, each bell has a clapper and a round wooden bead atop
Antique wood jewelry, red wood bell necklace
Ultra Chic Vintage Juliana Necklace, Victorian Necklace, or a Rhinestone Necklace, or
an unsigned Regency or possible Miriam Haskell necklace.
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