Simulated pearl beads with tassel. Strand accommodates three aurora borealis glass stones above the chandelier
tassel. The tassel has a beautiful intricate golden filigree large cap, tassel pearls are gray and white. Necklace - 24"L.
J hook closure.

(Item#Necklace 1205, Sim pearl beads tassel necklace. Price $14.99)
Heavy glass pearls necklace. Sixteen inches of Champagne luster pearls, .6cm/6 mms wide. Balanced weight glass,
perfectly round in shape and high luster. Golden swivel closure.

(Item#Necklace 1208, Champagne luster sim pearls. Price $29.99)
Incredible heavier simulated pearl necklace is made of lustrous Creamy Champagne-Plum Pearls, .6cm/6 mms
wide. Balanced weight glass pearls, perfectly round in shape, weighty, and extremely high luster. Silver swivel closure.
One FULL, sixteen inch line of pearls.

(Item#Necklace 1209, Champagne plum luster sim pearls. Price $29.99)
Light bronze simulated pearl 'bead' necklace. Measures twenty inches and the beads are approx .7cm/7mm. It is slip
over the head with no clasp, can wrap once.

(Item# Necklace 1214. Bronze pearl beads. Price $9.99)
Simulated heavy glass pearls, appx 6mms. Creamy pearls
surround your neck with elegance, shine, and beauty. The end
extensions hold two diamond shaped glass stones. The
connectors have green verdigris, I will leave it up to the buyer if
they want to polish it. J hook clasp. Necklace - 16 1/2". Signed

(Item#Necklace 1201, Heavy glass pearls. Price $24.99)
Glass Pearl Vintage Neckalce
Simulated heavy glass pearl pearls
Simulated White Pearls with Tassel necklace
Incredible simulated pearl necklace, lustrous Creamy Champagne-Plum Pearls
Exquisite heavy glass pearls necklace with sixteen inches of beauty
FAB Vintage Faux Pearl Necklace
Designer signed vintage Coro (in script) vintage necklace
CORO. Articulated antiqued gold plate with purple rhinestones and creamy glass
pearls. Necklace - 15" in length, with a drop of 1 3/4". Signed "Coro" angled in

(Item#Necklace 12-464, Coro very decorative with centerpiece. Price $109.99)
Simulated creamy glass pearl necklace with beautiful rings of rhinestones between the large pearls in the front, joins
a really fancy square hidden clasp at the back. The largest pearls in the front is 1/2" wide, and they taper down in size
as they go to the back. Chocker necklace - 13 1/2".

(Item#Necklace 12-465, Sim creamy pearls rondels box clasp. Price $49.99)
Vintage silvertone light blue collet set necklace
Silvertone Pale Blue Collet set vintage necklace. Oblong clear blue sets. Measures 14" in length not including the
clasp. The lobster claw clasp isn't original to this necklace.

(Item#Necklace 12-473, Pale Blue Collet set. Price $39.99)
Faux Turquoise Cabochon Chunky Necklace
High Set Cabochon Chunky Necklace
Vintage faux turquoise chunky cabochon necklace. This knock out is
comprised of large robins egg blue thermosets set in an ornate setting.
Necklace - 15" in long and closes with a hook clasp.

(Item#Necklace 12-649, Vintage plastic turquoise cabochon. Price $29.99)
Continental Ribbon Necklace with sophistication
Shimmering silvertone Continental Jewellery, Inc. Vintage Neckalce
Continental Necklace. Beautifully dramatic mesh chain with a bow thats centered with silver leaves. Necklace - 16"L. Tassels - 3
3/4"L. Silvertone. Signed Continental.

(Item#Necklace 12-452, Signed 'Continental' bow and mesh. Price $69.99)
Vintage dramatic Bow ribbon necklace designer signed Continenta
Each amethyst rs is deep hand set in silver tone caps
A tremendous excitement in this high end necklace. Heightened by swirls of golden florals that surround amethyst center stones. Each is deeply hand set in silver tone
caps. The front center whirl florals measures 1 1/2". Flat chain. 16" necklace. 3/4" fancy clasp. It's really worth obsessing over!

(Item#Necklace 12-422-627647, High End Swirls Florals. Price $149.99)
Beautifully heightened by amethyst center stones
A tremendous excitement will certainly show when wearing  this high end necklace
Light bronze simulated pearl bead necklace
When going out on the town with your friends, you may want to dress up
more than you typically by layering necklaces.
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