Antique carved celluloid and crystal necklace, carved celluloid
beads alternates with clear glass crystals. This may have been
restrung or maybe just retied at the ends on its flexible beading
wire, or maybe this is the way it is supposed to be. Exceptional
collectible piece of jewelry, measures 16" long.

(Item#Necklace 705, Carved celluloid crystal. Price $39.99)
Antique cartouche pendant, 5 carved elephants, and 12 sea foam turquoise nuggets through out the
necklace. The pendant has an openwork hand carved lacy design depicting a vining plant, pendant
measures 2 1/2" x 1 1/2". The elephants are carved in detail on the front, back, and sides, and are 7/8"
across. This is well executed with depth and detail. Weighs appx. 30g. 36" long not including the length of
the pendant. Hand knotted hand designed cording, as with antiques there are minor areas of aging.

(Item#Necklace 710, Antique cartouche necklace. Price $199.9)
Antique intricately carved necklace. Beautiful detailed workmanship, the necklace is 22" with 19 carved camels and
carved beads. It has a carved barrel clasp gives an invisible finished look. Weighs just under 40g.

Item#Necklace 707, Antique carved camel necklace. (Price $79.99)
A stunning pendant and a beautiful piece of artwork! A fabulous quality hand carved figural pendant and is ready for your favorite
golden necklace chain. Gold bail atop is unsigned. This piece is 2" in length.

(Item#Necklace 719, Carved figural pendent. Price $69.99)
Carved Bird. This is a very lovely creamy white carved vintage plastic
necklace. Well crafted and magnificent looking with a gorgeous bird
that is worn at the side. Three strands with a 3 1/4" bird . Measures
25" in length. J hook closure. Not ivory, lighter in weight.

(Item#Necklace 718, Carved plastic bird. Price $19.99)
This necklace really defies description. I think you will study the pictures to see all the beautiful carved work. Heavily carved leaves in the front center, 3" long.  Above that
are elongated necklace sections that are a combination of hand made and hand crimped, metal beads which are sided with deep carved pinkish arrow feather
designs. And above that is yet another section - this carving is crimped with beads intertwined inside it on all sides. This necklaces also holds 20 double flowerettes
and 54 carved round beads, all with a wonderful pink dye. 24" in length and weighs about 85g. Bone or another material, I can't be certain.

(Item#Necklace 703, Heavily carved necklace, crimped beads. Price $199.99)
Antique carved celluloid and crystal necklace
Detailed celluloid necklace
Beautiful detailed carved workmanship, the necklace is 22
Asymmetricial leafy branch silver gray marquise necklace
Silvertone in an asymmetrical design that features a leafy branch. Silvery-gray
marquise-cut rhinestones, and crystal baguettes. The necklace is 16" long and
the leafy branch section measures 3/4" x 2", closure is an adjustable shepherd's
hook clasp.

(Item#Necklace 7-2/NA109, Silvery-gray center section. Price $69.99)
Top of the line, gifted of a double row of rhinestones around the
entire necklace, embellished with five flowing drops. Each drop
has two rows of crystal clear rhinestones and one of green
rhinestones, measuring 1 3/4" long. The necklace is very well
made, a true unsigned beauty. Full measurement for this vintage
necklace is 14" from end to end. The clasp is the push in hidden
clasp with a safety chain.

(Item#Necklace 7-1/NA105, Greens Crystals. Price $149.99)
This necklace can be worn long or wrapped around your neck twice making it a
choker style. Each link is a bright multicolored glass. Necklace ends with elegant
dangles and lobster claw. The full length is 38 1/2". The markings on the clasp
lever read 14/20, and the other side reads GF.

(Item#Necklace 7-3/NA112, Multicolored Glass Links. Price $39.99)
Vintage Jadeite Green Glass Bead Necklace, three-strand. The necklace
strands can be worn twisted or untwisted. The heavily decorated hidden
clasp can be worn at the front, the side, or the back. Miriam Haskell
unsigned, the necklace measures 15" in length.

(Item#Necklace 7-567, Jadeite green three strand. Price $89.99)
Colorful glass sets in a brilliant colorful long necklace
Vintage Plastic(?) Carved Bird Necklace
Close-up of Carved Bird Necklace
A stunning pendent and a beautiful piece of artwork!
Fabulous quality antique hand carved figural pendant ready for your favorite golden necklace chain
Backside of Antique Carved Pendent, lovely and very detailed front, gold bail atop
Hand Carved Figural Pendent, Carved pendent is 2
Antique Carved Elephant Necklace, Seafoam Turquoise
Carved Ivory Cartouche pendant and elephants
Closeup of the carving and veining of flowers
Antique Cartouche pendant and handwork necklace cording
Intricate carved flowers and elephants
Antique Seafoam Nuggets within the hand sewn threaded chain
Antiuqe green and clear chatons RS sivler necklace
Antiuqe with sprays of green and clear crystal drops, necklaces clasp has a safety chain
Jadeite green glass Miriam Haskell unsigned necklace
The necklace has an elaborate hidden push in clasp
Undeniable Rare - Carved Antique Necklace with hand formed hand crimped metal beads
Leafs are 3
Deeply carved veining leaves
Antique Hand Formed hand crimped metal beads that are intertwined
Antique Carved along with around 130 split and hand crimped metal beads
Four rows of rs in the front tapering off to three rows and then into a single strand
Twisted ribbon rows of rs, zircon overlays crystal rs
Blue zircon rs that gives a twisted ribbon look overlay among
crystal rs. Four rows of rs in the front tapering off to three rows
and then into a single strand. Hiding the push in clasp are 2
beauty rs, adding to this classy pristine piece. Length: 14 3/4"

(Item#Necklace 7-349, Blue zircon chatons. Price $69.99)
Seriously, nothing makes you have more fun than dressing down,
plus adding jewelry to dress up at the same time! Try different styles.
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