Golden at front layered with dainty colorful round beads pink band bracelet
This charming unsigned Miriam Haskell bracelet has an elegant glow, costume jewelry vintage bracelet
Golden intricate bow, ivy vines with wired-on pinks and blue glass beads
Amazing 3-dimensional bracelet. This is a wild and lavish looking
hinged silvertone repousse bracelet - vintage bracelet - plenty of
rhinestone glitz. The 1.25" centerpiece at the front has a retro sputnik
spray of aurora borealis rhinestones surrounded by cobalt blue and
light blue AB stones. The .25" bracelet has green enamel leaves at the
front sides, color enamel highlights and a safety chain. The bracelet is
gorgeous, and enthralling matchless one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!
Item#Bracelet 1701
Price $199.99
Who loves carnelian hearts? I DO! Where can you find them? HERE!
Beautiful Antique Bracelet. Gold Filled with Carnelian Hearts.
Measures approx 6.75 inches in length. Wonderful collectors item
and a show stopper to wear! Unsigned. Carnelian heart antique
Item#Bracelet 1703
Price $169.99
Unsigned Miriam Haskell. A beautiful bracelet with a golden intricate bow, with ivy vines, topped with wired-on round pink and blue glass beads and faceted pink crystals.
Two strands of pink/white beads separated by pink crystals and alternating small pink and blue beads. It has a box clasp and measures 7 1/4 inches. The bow motif is 2
3/8 x 1/2 in.
Item#Bracelet 1704
Price $149.99
Carved juliana fruit salad vintage bracelet. Golden setting, deep purple prong set rhinestones. The center of the bracelet holds four
glass tulips prong set stones in lovely colors of blue & lavender, with crystal ab rs all through the center. Measures 7 1/4" x 1" with a
wider fold over decorative clasp. Juliana bracelet (all Juliana's are unsigned).
Item#Bracelet 1707
Price $89.99
Most shimmering carnelian hearts linked bracelet
Beautiful carved carnelian hearts are warmed up even more with golden setting
Carved juliana fruit salad bracelet
Breath taking 1960's Juliana costume jewelry vintage bracelet
We are offering this gorgeous designer unsigned bangle with tons of sparkle
Simply stunning! Hinged repousse enamel bracelet
Vintage deep red multi row shimmering bracelet amazing clasp
Deep red rhienstones all prong set in silvertone, art deco clasp
This vintage bracelet holds a basket of pearls!
Totally fab Vintage Deep Red Rhinestone Bracelet. The Bracelet is filled with
5 rows of blood red rhinestones with an interesting design in the center, and
all are prong set in silvertone. The Bracelet Clasp has interesting decorative
design that looks Art Deco. Measures 7" long by 7/8" wide.
Item#Bracelet 17-062
Price $89.99
A wonderful unsigned Vintage Designer Costume Jewellery bracelet, Pearl & Gold Beads with a Woven Basket! One
strand, simulated pearls alternate with golden beads, holding a stunning woven basket full of pearls. Measures 7 1/2"
long. Very unique, how many have you seen with their charm dangles still intact?? "Many" has lost their charms. The
costume jewelry vintage dangle basket measures 1 1/8" x 1". Ideal for picnics, get together meals, reunions.
Item#Bracelet 17-063
Price $69.99
Bold beautiful and heavy linked vintage enameled bracelet
14 links of enameled flowers with a colorful rhinestone centers
Beautiful bold heavy multi panel bracelet, est. c 1920's - 1930's. Gold tone
setting with 14 panels. Each holds an enameled flower with a colorful
rhinestone center, with two small imitation pearls on each side. The
enameled flowers and pearls are at the midpoints. Rhinestones are
lavenders are greens, blues, pinks, purples. 7" long & 1/2" wide, very richy
heavy construction, fold over clasp is very tight. A truly beautiful old vintage
bracelet & a perfect fall accessory with the rich colors, and so much richer
than my photos show!
Item#Bracelet 17-116
Price $49.99
Immaculate vintage golden victorian book chain bracelet
Book chain bracelet with faux baroque pearls
Antique gold filled Victorian bracelet with Etruscan Revival metalwork.
Mid-late 1800's, excellent condition. We are selling an original victorian
SET. One is made for the left wrist and one for the right, the way to tell
this is how the chain and hinge lays. You can wear both on the same
wrist as many did. They hinge to open and close. Both contain their
original safety chains. Fits up to a 6 3/4" wrist, or fits a 7" wrist 'snug'.
See our site for more bracelets including Victorian Wedding Bracelets
and 1880s antique bracelets.
Item#Bracelet 17-357
Price $449.99
Immaculate vintage golden victorian book chain bracelet with faux
baroque pearls. The bracelet is an astonishing 1" across giving this
bracelet a glamorous appearance to heighten your style. The longest
wearable length is 6 3/4" with a snug fit.
Item#Bracelet 17-337
Price $89.99
Glam, golden bracelet holds a purple amethyst glass stone
Golden bracelet
Jesus and Mary link bracelet est 1970's
The two pictures are under plastic domes, sim mother of pearl and sapphire rs
This glam bracelet holds a purple amethyst glass stone that's open on
the backside, with sparkly clear stones on each side. C 1980's. It fits a 6
1/2 quite nicely, strap is 1/8", center is 1/4" wide.
Item#Bracelet 17-361
Price $29.99
Jesus and Mary link bracelet. The two pictures are under plastic
domes, sim mother of pearl and sapphire rs encompass the entire
band. The bracelet measures 7" long by 1/2" and 3/4" pictures. Est
Item#Bracelet 17-400
Price $29.99
Antique gold filled Victorian bracelet Etruscan Revival metalwork, mid-late 1800's
Set, one is for the left wrist and one for the right, the way to tell this is how the chain and hinge lays
Get it on with glamorous and fabulous estate jewelry, vintage jewelry bracelets, designer
signed or unsigned jewelry. Snag a major style. Fabulous bracelets.
Carved juliana fruit salad vintage bracelet, unsigned Miriam Haskell work, another favorite of
mine is the Carmelian heart linked gold filled bracelet and the Etruscan Revival bracelets.
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Ciner 1940's drop-dead gorgeous bracelet made of 4 strands of glass faux
pearls. Golden clasp is signed in 2 places and both ends are covered with
more pearls. The mark CINER is incised into the metal, 1940's.  
Both ends of the fold over clasp is covered in pearls.
Measurements: 7"L x 1/2"W
Marks: CINER (marked twice on the clasp)
Item#Bracelet 17-620-11
Price $149.99
Vintage unsigned oval glass teal blue and crystal rhinestone hinged clamper golden cuff bracelet with permanent safety chain.  
Measurements: Inside measurement 2 1/4" x 2".
Marks: Unsigned
Item#Bracelet 17-2345-09
Price $49.99