Goldtone rhinestone bracelet with faux pearls, green and yellow rhinestones
Rhinestone vintage wide five panel link bracelet
Vintage Coro Bracelet signed, blue stone set in silvertone links
Goldtone rhinestone bracelet with faux pearls, green and yellow
rhinestones, five panel bracelet.  The panels are 1" x 1 1/4" and the
bracelet jewelry is approximately 7 1/4" long. Vintage wide bracelet is so
stunning it will make you look like a princess.
Item#Bracelet 1905
Price $44.99
SIGNED Coro bracelet, one of the vintage jewelry designers. Silvertone bracelet is comprised with 5 ribbon panels, and
light blue rhinestones. 7" in length, with fold over clasp.
Item#Bracelet 1906
Price $24.99
Beautiful, white enamel leaves along with white lucite round beads
Vintage enamel bracelet. White enamel leaves, white lucite round beads, and clear rs. Length 7 1/4" x 1 1/4". Fold over
clasp. C 1940's, few tiny flea bites to enamel, little glue residue. Silver plated.
Item#Bracelet 1903
Price $29.99
Round bakelite bracelet with colorful enamel fruit atop
Made of opaque marbled tortoise bakelite or another antique plastic
Antique Bracelet. A rare beautiful bracelet with different fruits of apples,
grapes, and berries. Made of opaque bakelite in marbled dark tortoise
or another antique plastic, untested. There is a soft glow to it and nice
weight, carved on the backside, carved front side with enameled
berries, and smooth inside. Really a beautiful rare item. Measures 2 &
1/2 inches across inner diameter, 3/8" thick.
Item#Bracelet 503/1902
Price $169.99
Wide vintage purple lucite cabs, vintage wide bracelet
Wide and bold bracelet with purple bead accents. Round purple cabochon beads on an antiqued finish wide bracelet.
Measures 7 1/4" long and is 1 5/8" wide. Very good condition older unsigned bracelet. I know you will love showing it off!
Vintage wide bracelet.
Item#Bracelet 213/1910
Price $44.99
Vintage thermoset neutral color bracelet
Ladies -  Very lovely brown and tan vintage thermoset bracelet. The colorful thermosets fills the full length of the bracelet.
Measurements: 6 1/2+" long and 7/8" across. Goldtone. Vintage thermoset jewelry. There are many beautiful jewelry pieces
made through out the years with desired vintage plastics and thermoset plastic.
Item#Bracelet 19-023
Price $39.99
Truly exquisite Antique 1900's black jet bracelet. Bold with large Emerald Octagon Jet Black Glass Stones, facets on the
reverse Stones lining the entire antique bracelet. Very unique, giving it such movement, weight, thickness, and
dimension. One of the most alluring stand alone bracelets. This bracelet  measures 7 1/2" long, by 5/8" across. This is
such a fine example of the very popular Victorian era of jewelry. Small antique fractures in glass at connector links,
natural for the age of this antique piece. Closes with the large thumbless spring ring.    
Item#Bracelet 19-178
Price $109.99
Antique jet large cab linked bracelet
Antique rhinestone and princess square stone bracelet
Clear crystal round rhinestones and deep tourmaline blue princess square stones
The clasp is signed on the bottom with the marking of EB
Antique rhinestone and princess square stone bracelet with rectangular shaped links in the art deco style. Clear crystal round
rhinestones and deep tourmaline blue princess square stones in a silvertone metal setting with art deco sides. The bracelet measures
7" in length, has a safety chain and fold over clasp. The fold over clasp is topped with a clear baguette and signed on the bottom with
the marking of EB. (EB - Engel Brothers - an American maker of Art Deco rhinestone jewelry). Designer 1940's Bracelet.
Item#Bracelet 19-389
Price $109.99
Looking your best will improve your chances on getting noticed making it easier to raise to
the top. Don't blend in with your average fellow worker, but stand out!
We sell over-the-top jewelry throughout our shop. Bracelets from the 1800's to present. wear a
Black Jet mourning bracelet that compliments the
Victorian French Jet morning brooch.
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Combination greens to metallic blue beads and cut crystals. Memory wire bracelets are the way to go. Stunning colors,
one end is finished with a dangle bead, adds some sass. Memory wire shapes around any size wrist.
Item#Bracelet 111/19
Price $15.99
Embellish your assemblage with a vintage bracelet
Vintage signed Marino goldtone bracelet
A fabulous vintage signed Marino goldtone bracelet 6 3/4 inches when closed, 3/4 inches wide. This bracelet shimmers
Item#Bracelet 2-641-773043/19
Price $12.99
Signed copper, Native American Indian designed bracelet
Solid copper signed cuff bracelet. Native American Indian motif designs of Fred Harvey. Inside measurements 2 1/2" by 1
1/2" with a 1 1/4" opening, x 7/8" wide. Next to excellent condition but needs a little copper green polished off. Signed
solid copper with a bell.
Item#Bracelet 316/19
Price $35.99
DESIGNER SIGNED Trifari bracelet. Polished and textured goldtone.  It is signed Trifari, with a crown over the T and the
copyright symbol . The bottom is just a pretty as the top, you can flip this bracelet giving you a different look. Measures 7 and
1/2" in length and 3/8" wide.
Item#Bracelet 2-668/19
Price $24.99
Signed golden Trifari bracelet
Pair of antique bangles with mother pearl insets. 2 1/2 inches inside diameter opening. You are buying both bracelets.
Little wear.
Price $19.99
Two Mother Of Pearl Bangle Bracelets
Goldette 1950's jewelry set. The bracelet and earrings are both designed
with roses centered with a shimmering crystal stone at its tip. The
earrings are screw-clips.
Measurements: Bracelet - almost 6 3/4"L. Earrings - 1W".
Marks: Bracelet marked Goldette N.Y. Earrings marked Goldette.
Item#BRACSET 19-358-1
Price $39.99