Golden heart expansion bracelet signed LISCD M
Wide signed SOLID COPPER designer cuff bracelet
Native American Motif - Bell Trading Post Jewelry
Sweetheart bracelet signed LISCD PAT 2267967
Silvertone antique bookchain bracelet
5 fabulous and detailed links with light blue navettes and pearls bracelet
Its a daring but cool silvertone heavily designed antique bookchain
bracelet. This fabulous piece is very detailed, ornate design featuring 5
light blue glass navettes surrounded by florals of pearls and light blue
rhinestones. Measures 7 7/8" long end to end including the fold over
clasp x 2 1/8" wide at the widest. This is a fantastic piece to wear or to
add to your collection, and will garner many compliments for years to
come! Unsigned designer, brimming with appeal.
Item#Bracelet 223
Price $139.99
Vintage WIDE "SOLID COPPER" designer signed cuff bracelet. Native American Motif that
is common to the Bell Trading Post Jewelry. The bracelet is excellent vintage condition.
Measures 2 1/2" wide at the widest point, 1 3/4" deep, and has an opening of about 1 3/4"
that is adjustable. The cuff is 1 1/2" tall in the front. Signed "SOLID COPPER" around the
Bell shaped logo. Bell Trading Post was based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and made
southwestern themed jewelry and accessories, primarily in copper.
Item#Bracelet 221
Price $69.99
Sweetheart bracelet. Signed LISCD PAT
2267967, (1941), DESIGNER SIGNED M. If
placed on a perfect circle, it measures 1 1/2" in
diameter. Centered detailed heart is 1/2" tall on a
beautiful stretch gold plate band. Small to a
smaller-med wrist.
Item#Bracelet 219
Price $49.99
Vintage signed Park Lane on hand tage, golden snake chain with pearl dangles at ends
Shimmering goldtone, two oval faux gold luster colored pears, older vintage pearl bracelet on snake chain. This is a
designer signed vintage bracelet, and signed Park Lane on (hang tag). The two pearls dangle 1" and just under 1/2" in
diameter. Measures 7" long, spring ring closure. This is ooh la la when it comes to glamour.
Item#Bracelet 2-046
Price $39.99
Signed Carmen, D.F.B. Co. 1940s golden expansion bracelet
Very ornate cuff bracelet with large oval topaz glass center stone
Signed Carmen, D.F.B. Co. 1940s Stretch Sweetheart Jewelry, Vintage Gold Filled
“NOT”-monogrammed Heart Expansion Bracelet - Mid Century 1940s Stretch
Sweetheart Jewelry. VTG CARMEN bracelet features a highly ornate heart and
expansion band and both are highly polished and nicely detailed. It expands very
easily to slide over my larger sized hand.
Item#Bracelet 2-611
Price $69.99
Lovely baroque style vintage cuff bracelet
Lovely baroque style vintage cuff bracelet. Goldtone, ornate design with large oval topaz
glass center stone which is such an elaborate prong set. Inside diameter of the bracelet is
2 x 2 1/4 inches. The band measures 1 and 1/2" in the front and 5/8" in the back. Bracelet
closure is on the side, push pin type with a safety chain. The band has a detailed design.
Exceptional quality and piece.
Item#Bracelet 2-9-669
Price $69.99
CARMEN Sweetheart Expansion Bracelet
 Fushia red vintage stretch expansion bracelet
Loaded with beads, red babble expansion bracelet
Vintage Stretch Expansion. Loaded with Fushia Reds, the bracelet stretches quite a bit
and expands to fit almost any wrist. Measures approx. 2" across (inside dimension) and
approx. 5/8" wide (inside). All of the beads are solid, so it is wider than the dimensions
above. The band is a beautiful silvery silvertone, designer signed Japan.
Item#Bracelet 2-281
Price $44.99
Lovely ten linked rectangular box shapes decorated with colors and sim gems on top
Gas-pipe light golden coiled snake bracelet
Vintage linked bracelet made of a really pretty, very light golden setting. Lovely design has ten linked rectangular box links
each with an smooth design decorated with faux pearls or colorful faux gemstones on top.  The bracelet measures just
over 1/4 inch wide and 6 3/4 inches long; fold over clasp. Est. late 1960's.
Item#Bracelet 2-273
Price $44.99
Vintage serpent bracelet. "Gas-pipe" coiled snake with a semi light golden silvertone setting.
Your sure to make a statement when wearing this bracelet. It is a heavier piece of jewelry and
very well crafted. The head area measures 1" long and just over 1/2" at the widest area. The
tail is 1 1/4" long. The overall length would be 13" if the snake was laid out flat, uncoiled. The
coil "gas pipe" area of the bracelet is just under 1/2" wide.
Item#Bracelet 2-637
Price $44.99
Slinky silver links with mirror finish crystal emerald cut stones and chatons bracelet
D.F. Briggs Company sweetheart adjustable bracelets were 12K Gold Filled
Golden sweetheart expansion bracelet
Sweetheart locket heart bracelet
Sweetheart heart locket bracelet signed D.F.B. Co.
Sweetheart Photo Locket Expansion Bracelet. Marked The D.F.B. Co. ~ Made in U.S.A. ~ CARMEN 4x0. The locket
opens to hold 2 photos, it contains 2 metal photo frames inside with its 2 clear plastic photo films. The bracelet is
small and expands nicely and I would say it would fit a small to medium size wrist. Without expansion, it is 1 1/2" by 1
1/4", with expansion, it will flex to fit up to a 7" wrist. D.F. Briggs Company sweetheart adjustable bracelets were 12K
Gold Filled, though not all were marked as such. Shimmering nice gold content, gold content unmarked. I can attest
its beauty. There is one rubbing on the outside of a link.
Item#Bracelet 7-814-349-348/2
Price $79.99
Vintage/antique jewelry. This is such a pretty bracelet from the mid early 1900's. Slinky
silver links with mirror finish will blind you for sure as the sun intensity of the light beams
coming from it. Crystal emerald cut stones and chatons make up the bracelet. The focal
piece is done with clear chatons in a arched pattern that alternates with links of clear
emerald cut stones. A very slight amount of age spots/frosting on the bottom of a few
crystal stones only detected with a jewelers loop. The bracelet is three rows wide and has
a hidden lock in clasp topped with chatons, safety chain with spring ring. Measures 7 1/4"
x just under 3/4".
Item#Bracelet 2-973
Price $89.99
Crystal emerald cut stones and chatons make up this bracelet

Sleek Vintage Bracelets Wrapping The Future Of Design. Swag bracelets with charms that dip and loop with modest gemstones and naturalistic motifs. Show your style side.

Wear a lovely expandable Circa 1940s sweetheart bracelet or a wide copper. Mix and match any
of our bracelets for your own unique look.
Sweetheart expansion bracelet signed
Signed Jewel Guild sweetheart bracelet
Adorable "Jewel Guild" sweetheart bracelet has expandable band. Beautiful heart center has
raised floral frame and is engraved with the initials R.B. on one side of the heart, and O.B. on
the other side of the heart. The expandable band features plain and a fancy alternating links.
There are light light scratch rubbings to the front of the heart, light wear on some of the links.
The back inside of the band is signed Jewel Guild, Made in U.S.A. It is beautifully decorated
and comfortable. Almost 2" x 1 1/4" without stretching, it flexes to fit a 7 1/4" wrist easily and
can flex a bit more.
Item#Bracelet  1-817/365/2
Price $59.99
American Queen, Pitman Keeler rolled gold bracelet
This bracelet is Impeccable, and certainly doubt that it as has been worn. Very pretty. Mark:  
American Queen, Pitman & Keeler, this mark was first used in 1917. ROLLED GOLD PLATE
Victorian Revival Gold Filled Sweetheart Expansion Bracelet. Heart shape is TWO toned, gold
etched with pink floral. An exceptional one for any collection. This slips over my hand easily.
Fits 7 1/2" wrist and smaller.
Item#Bracelet 3-436/2
Price $139.99
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Sweetheart Gold Filled GF Expansion Bracelet
Impeccable rolled gold victorian revival gold field sweetheart bracelet
Victorian revival PAT. 2114930 golden bangle bracelet
Victorian Revival gold washed hinged bangle, dome surface with allover stamped foliate texturing and central floral motif,
black enameled design, with a blank monogrammable portion on both sides. Smooth raised edge mkd on the inside
hinge area, PAT. 2114930 OTHER PAT. PEND. that dates to 1938. The safety chain is intact and when opened, the
opening is 3 1/8" X 2 1/4". When closed, the inside measurement is 2 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 5/8". See similar bangles in
Romero's "Warman's Jewelry" on page 138.
Item#Bracelet 210/1908
Price $109.99
Small Victorian child's bracelet, heart motif, RODDIN 1888 Catalogue
Small Victorian child's bracelet, heart motif adjustable bangle bracelet. Gold antique bracelet band. Centered with a very
elaborate heart motif. The heart is gold filled/plated over brass...little antique plate wear on the edge. The opening  
across the inside of the bracelet is 1 7/8" across x 1 3/8". No makers marks. Please check out the RODDIN 1888
Catalogue clip. Fine solid gold bracelets, polished stiffened wire, polished square stiffened wire, Roman flower
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Item#Bracelet 19-024/2
Price $249.99