Circa 1920s two line antique bracelet double row rhinestone bracelet with two
alternating shades of dark pink and pink amethyst glass stones in each row, all
prong set. Older box clasp, in silver tone. Exceptional and beautiful rhinestone
bracelets. 6 1/2" in length with hidden locking clasp. Collectible rhinestone jewelry.
Item#Bracelet 601
Price $39.99
Gorgeous sparkling elegant prong set vintage bracelet. Silver tone setting. Double strand filled with crystal glass
rhinestone bracelet and clasp, with stunning rectangular rhinestone at the centerpiece. This shows the reflection of a
rainbow of colors. 6" in  length.
Item#Bracelet 607
Price $25.99
I had decided to buy 6 rhinestone bracelets and it was the best choice I ever made
Signed Smart Set exquisite vintage bracelet is in excellent condition and features a double row of prong set beautifully
clear rhinestones, with a fabulous bow center. Will match any of your vintage clear rhinestone necklaces and earrings.
Beautiful addition to any  jewelry collection. Fold over clasp. Measures 6 1/2” long. Smart Set.
Item#Bracelet 606
Price $29.99
Stunning and beautiful antique clear rhinestone bracelet. Created with one large center rhinestone surrounded by a row
of smaller rhinestones that cascade down into 2 rows of rhinestones making the exquisite band. All are prong set. 7" in
Item#Bracelet 610
Price $29.99
This is a gorgeous older enamel floral vintage bracelet that could
hold its own in any situation.  Delicately stunning filigree brass
antique bracelet.....Totally dainty, totally gorgeous! Clasp is signed
Western Germany.  Measures 6 3/4-inches and has a hidden
slide-in clasp.  Measures .875-at the widest.  Orange pink iridescent
chatons faceted and prong-set center each flower.  Simulated glass
coral beads accent beautifully! Antique bracelet.
Item#Bracelet 602
Price $109.99
So chic, versatile, wear me wherever you go kind of awesome piece. Elegant unique a more rare bracelet. Enameled
florals with two shades of azure blue petals and a golden center. 7 1/2" long and is marked 925 for sterling silver, and
FAS. Beautiful enameled bracelet.
Item#Bracelet 611
Price $109.99
Graceful wider silvertone thermoset bracelet. Set with four reddish orange wishbone thermosets (for luck) inserts. Excellent
and measures 7 3/4" in length and almost 1 1/2" wide. It is a riot of color yet so pleasing to the eye.
Item#Bracelet 612
Price $39.99
Four large golden links with almond white enamel accents. Length is 7 1/4" long with fold over clasp and 1 5/8 " wide.
Very pretty.
Item#Bracelet 614
Price $16.99
Large chaton RS bracelet
Vintage bakelite apple juice bracelet with reverse carved and painted rose motifs, medium/thick wall thickness. Segmented
seven link bakelite bracelet. Signed JC on the back and marked 925 on the lobster claw. 6 1/2" in length. Vintage bracelet.
Item#Bracelet 605
Price $199.99
Delicately stunning florals filigree masterpiece bracelet
Blues floral enamel 925 FAS bracelet
Red and retro vintage thermoset bracelet
Signed Smart Set crystal bow bracelet
Circa 1920s two line double row rhinestone bracelet
Elegant crystal RS Rectangular center bracelet
Large links stunning bracelet
An impressive floral masterpiece
 Signed JC bakelite apple juice bracelet
Light blue cat eye cabs and colorful florals bracelet
Light blue cabs and colorful floral link bracelet. Pale sky blue lucite stones, intricate goldtone lacy links, 6 3/4" long not
including the clasp. Each cab link is signed with an X on the backside.
Item#Bracelet 6-445
Price $29.99
Vintage golden with cross expansion bracelet
Phoenix Speidel Made heart with center cross expansion bracelet
Vintage black rhinestone double strand bracelet
A Wonderful Sweetheart Bracelet, Heart, MOP centered with
golden cross. The bracelet is expandable to slide over the
hand to hug the wrist. It will fit a wrist up to about 6 3/4 to 7
1/4 inches easily, and can flex a bit more. Every other band
connection is increased golden design detail. Signed on
the inside back, Phoenix Speidel Made. The center heart is
about 3/4" tall. The heart does not have a back, uncertain to
if it ever had one due to it's dark age on the inside. Some of
these bracelets came with a snap on back that were
eventually lost or some just never had one. It's a beautiful
bracelet from 1940's. Most Speidels are gold filled as this
one appears to be.
Item#Bracelet  6-816-387
Price $49.99
Vintage black rhinestone bracelet. This double strand bracelet is understated in its
elegance with two strands of sparkling prong set black rhinestones. The stones are
set into a white metal setting and the clasp is slimline and fold over. The bracelet is
slightly smaller, 6 3/4 inches would be a snug fit.
Item#Bracelet 6 -720cc
Price $34.99
Heart, MOP golden Cross sweetheart bracelet

Shake up your wardrobe - alls it takes is a knockout attitude in design and style. Bakelite, rhinestone, wide vintage bracelets, filigree enamel bracelet.

We were bound to show these. Vintage rhinestone bracelets, vintage apple juice bracelet with
reverse carved, signed vintage bracelets, vintage painted enamel bracelets.
The simple elegance of this incredible vintage
estate bracelet will add some sophisticated glitz to
any outfit. Two large tear drop clear topaz stones
and & a trio (group of 3) of brilliant sparkling yellow
topaz chatons angles across your wrist in a
phenomenal bracelet. The clasp is the wide clasp,
the bracelet is just under 7" in length and set in a
light/med gold tone.
Item#Bracelet 6-512-11
Price $79.99