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over 150 years.
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BAVj's Authentic Vintage Jewelry is a jewelry boutique carrying exclusive collections of heirloom jewelry. We offer jewelry from vintage to mid 1800s, ocassionally a older and newer. Our jewelry ranges over 150 years.

Buy your jewels now, or later: Layaway Terms

Authentic Vintage Necklace Sets, Bracelets, Brooches, Women's and Men's Jewelry, many one of a kind pieces.

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BAVj specializes in Authentic Vintage Jewelry. Shop within and
discover the hundreds of pieces of vintage jewelry. We offer jewelry
from over 150 years.
Welcome To Our Boutique.
The smart way to shop. We are an upscale jewelry boutique in the USA featuring vintage and antique estate
jewelry. Shopping with us can be a major factor when you want that special vintage or antique jewelry. There
are many different jewelries varying styles and elegance. Please take a moment to shop our categories.
Necklace Set
KRAMER signed, a line of pink and black
enamel florals. Each floral is centered with rs.
A wonderful contrast and vibrancy of colors.
Necklace - 16"L., Earrings - Clips - 1"T.
Item#NECSET 24-635-11
Sexy reds.
Elegant and sexy deep intense translucent
garnet red glass clips. Match it with a lipstick.
1" across.
Sweetheart expansion bracelet. Golden heart
with an incised rose gold forget-me-not
flower. Stylish band. Markings - along with
the Foster Dog symbol it reads:  FOSTER,
1/20 12KGF TOP.
#Bracelet 15-353-10
Pins and Brooches
COROCRAFT signed. A 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"
weight high end Flower pin. Patents have been
found in the name of Corocraft from 1961
until 1969.
Translucent Red Jelly Glass Vintage Jewelry

Vintage 1970s large silvertone metal cuff bracelet with accent faux turquoise. Front is 1 7/8"T. Inside
diameter is 2 1/4" and adjustable. Bracelet slips on the wrist. Item#Bracelet10-1053-12. Price $29.99
Vintage multicolored crystal rs brooch pin, marked Made in Austria
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