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 Size 6.5
Colorful glass jewelry ring, an array of colors.  Size 8
 Size 7
Such great colors in this costume jewelry ring. Size 8.5
Wide oval multiple colored glass stone. Black with hues of blue, teal blue, and silver inclusions. Deep large wide oval
stone weighs 17 cts. This ring has 2 tier silver layered top, 7.0 gm total. Size 8.
Item#RING 7-135
Price $34.99
Lapis lazuli deep violet-blue large stone. Large 15 cts tear deep set in a 7 gm silver ring. Size 6.5, signed 925 on the
inside of the band. Lapis lazuli blue.
Item#RING 7-134
Price $29.99
Malachite oval stripped stone. Malachite's are one of a kind, and gives a unique look of royalty. Large 21 cts deep set in a
8.0 gm silver. Size 7, ring is signed 925.
Item#RING 7-138
Price $29.99
Colorful glass stone with hues of shimmering blue, green, black, with gold inclusions. Large oval stone weighs 17 cts.
Size 8.5 ring has a brilliant design, 7.4 gm.
Item#RING 7-140
Price $34.99
Size 7.5
Tourmalinated Quartz. Colorless clear with inclusions. Heavily black tourmaline
threads running through it. Button high round stone, deep set into a 7 gram, 925
silver signed ring. This ring has a very interesting design perfect for its 12 ct stone.
7.5 sized ring.
Item#RING 7-132
Price $39.99
Size 8.5 - 9
Centered with a heavy and larger pink multi cut pear amethyst stone, approximately 28 cts. set in a 8.4 gm signed 925
silver ring. Size 8.5 - 9. The ring sits up, 1/2" on top your finger.
Item#RING 7-154
Price $34.99
Silver 925 contemporary gemstone rings, not quite as vintage as we like, but too wonderful not to offer.
Size 7
18 cts, size 7. .925 signed silver ring, purple turquoise 12x16mm oval cab set into a stylish band. Not quite vintage.
Item# RING 7, 3-209
Price $29.99
Size 6.5
18 cts, size 6.5, .925 signed silver ring, black onyx checker cut, 13x17mm oval cut set into a simple yet stylish band.
Item# RING 7, 3-210
Price $32.99
Take me to the moon and back with this 22 cts. Size 6.5, .925 signed silver ring, multiple colorful glass, 14x21mm oval cab, 7/8"
long. Stylish band. Not quite vintage.
Item# RING 7-3-205
Price $36.99
Signed Silver Ring. Size 6.5

Contemporary Costume jewelry Rings.